everyone wants a piece of lil nas x!

it seems everyone wants a piece of lil nas x now he has come out.
two reality stars from “lhh” decided to shoot their shot via ig…

…as well as one rapping jackal:

could boosie make it anymore obvious?
so um…
before folks start getting od thirsty

How old is this child?

if he can’t buy me a drink,
i’m not remotely interested.

lowkey: the passing around his nudes while he was a teenager…
uh huh,

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “everyone wants a piece of lil nas x!”

  1. He is all of 20. I’m not allowing myself to lust over him or his beautiful lips and that gorgeous smile. Nope. Not gonna do it

  2. I was on Twitter and the support for him is very live now. He is about to get the icon status and has made history…..he probably about to make some more money. This was planned well. In order to pull in ratings, cause controversy. ……….but……..

    I saw that whole nude thing and I am livid a out that. I am just disgusted by some of these perverts. He was a damn teenager you sickos. This was one reason I was glad Tumblr tanked. Nasty ass gay and straight perverts passing along images of underaged people. Jamari I can’t stand homophobia, child molesters, or physical abusers. The kiddie porn stuff really pisses me off. I swear if I see any of it anywhere I report that shit so quick.

    Makes me wanna fight they asses..lol I swear…Let me get off here before I get really pissed.

    1. ^i think if he continues making good music,
      he’ll be just fine.

      and i agree about the child porn.
      he was a teenager when those photos leaked.

      1. Of course. I support him. I was being funny and left a Noah’s Arc Gif on his recent posts and he liked it. One time for Noah’s Arc, Girrrr!!! 💅👀😂

  3. And Boosie ole Jeepers Creepers looking ass needs to have several seats. Preferably in a plastic surgeons chair.

  4. I may be in the minority, but I listened to his album and I was not impressed and have not played it since. I will say that I hope he has continued success, but he is just not a great artiest to me at this moment.

    1. No, you are not in the minority. I, too, think Lil Nas X’s music is mediocre. Then again, mediocrity is what sells these days so what do i know

  5. Hasn’t been out the closet a full day and already getting sexually harassed by these fags! & I only use that word when referring to people like Bobby Lytes.

  6. Yup
    He’s a country singer
    And the whole country music fans are in an uproar
    All the bitches are mad because they thought finally they were going to get some big black dick in their pussy
    And all the white husbands are upset because their wives are not going get their fantasy fulfilled …. and the regular white boys are mad that this black guy is putting the country music gay secret out …. its a complete mess….
    How you doing
    Welcome to the family brother NazX… DWRCL

    1. Country singer?

      You did not listen to his album 7, because it is not composed of country music. Listen to his album before making that statement.

  7. So the question is how many people would have given him a like or a hey on Grindr had he not have made this song.

    A lot of people see his success and dollas and suddenly find themselves in love and they have no earthly idea who he is outside of his country get-up.

    Crush on him n all, but do it only if you’re not motivated by the fame/ clout.

    1. This!!!!^

      He’s hot right now so I’m not surprised these thirst buckets are trying to shoot their shot. I hope he steers WELL clear away from them. He has a bright future ahead of him if he plays his cards right.

    2. This all day @Hootie. Todays fickle Black gays are colorist, feature-ist, and every other kind of -ist imaginable. They only check for guys like Lil Nas if he’s loaded, got a nice body, or packing.

      He better watch himself.

      Now if he was 25+ I’d be in those DMs because he’s actually my type. I have enough money, muscles, and man organ for the both of us. I’ve always had love for a quirky, skinny, chocolate cutie.

  8. I’m 22 I & I generally don’t go for guys younger than me unless they look older than me, so I’m with you on this on J. Zell Swag & Bobby Lytes are desperate for attention like Milan, they all fall into the same boat. Funny enough they’re all messy trashy people who made a fool out of themselves while on L&HH (Particularly Zell & Bobby). Milan actually conducted himself pretty well while he was on the show, it’s just his antics on social media following his departure that brought him to their level.

    But I digress.

  9. I finally sat down and listened to his album on Apple Music yesterday. Silly me, I thought he was a rapper but his music is actually labeled “alternative.” I heard maybe two tracks I kinda liked but overall it’s not my thing. But I’m not a millennial so perhaps I’m not the targeted audience anyway. Lets see how long it takes for his non black boyfriend to pop up on his social media 🙂

    No shade, I wish Lil Nas X well…..

    1. When he was not famous he was watching Rico Pruitt and Kash Dinero porn. Also, he made a comment about Drake, so he may be into the light skin guys and the whites. Our people gay and straight are going the ways of the Indians. We are going to be our own culture demise in the future, if we don’t get it together.

  10. He’s young (20), very rich, and handsome–I said this the first time Jamari posted about him–so of course thots and attentionistas are going to shoot their shots. I hope he’s got an internal bullsh*t detector and some grounded people around him to keep him away from the users, gold-diggers and creeps. According to his Instagram and Twitter feed he’s touring in Europe now so I bet he’s having to swat the men away, or some of them at least, like gnats.

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