wrapped up and busted outside

today was the day i busted out of house arrest and outside.
i haven’t been outside in damn near 2 weeks.
it had to be the day because i was running out of juice.
my snacks and other essentials were all gone as well.

I had to go the store

…but i had no gloves or a mask to protect me,
which had me shook af

i decided to wrap my big ass scarf around my head,
throw my skully on,
and wear some big glasses.
i’m sure folks looked at me like i was crazy,
but oh tf well.
they’ll learn to deal.

the supermarket had everything but the good toilet paper and bread.
food and juice was in abundance,
but those two items were missing in action.
i had to settle for:

– cheap toilet paper that will probably scratch my hole up
– cinnamon raisin bread (which i fuck with heavy anyway)

i came home,
wiped everything down with lysol wipes,
and threw the plastic bags away.
it was a whole process.
i couldn’t afford oj and some other items,
but i’ll be good for a while.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “wrapped up and busted outside”

  1. Giiiiiiirl the maintenance man came to fix my A.C. today ..i hadn’t even put in the request yet and was kind of scared to. They didn’t have to come inside but kept knocking on my bedroom window. I opened the sliding glass door and talked to them with like 4 feet between us. Now I’m petrified. This rona is fucking with everybody mind. In my head I’m like, “why couldn’t you disease fucks tell me you fixed it over the phone?” Of course I didn’t say that to them nor am I proud of thinking it.

  2. Wow 2 weeks, but i’m sure it was worth the wait had you went 2 weeks before you would find nothing plus farmers been throwing away fresh produce here in florida because of the lack of demand. But now they will convert them to can goods or for your sake bottle orange juice.

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