this is how he scammed them off of his “onlyfans”

either “onlyfans” needs previews or ya’ll gotta be so gullible.
it’s getting ridiculous.
so i got a series of dms from an angry subscriber from “onlyfans”.
this is what was sent to me:

this is the entire conversation and contents

they done payed this dude bills and rent during the rona.
hate to see it.
this is them allegedly conversing with “tcillkillya“:

this is his alleged content off his “onlyfans”:


these are the other vixens who had complaints as well:

it’s different to see vixens getting scammed off “onlyfans” and not gay males this go round.

first off:

He is just okay

maybe it’s different for the vixens,
but when i go to “onlyfans”,
i want to see pipe attached to someone sexy inside some flesh.
you can find that dude in the mall or at your local gas station.

3 photos
2 videos
20 dollars?

that doesn’t download all the way for me.
one of my favs,
has 36 pics and videos for 6.99:

he fuckin,
and showing off his bawdy.
same with london,
who has well over 100+ worth of content for 10 dollars:

When I sign up for an Onlyfans,
I better be getting that kind of variety



since folks are giving away money so freely,
you can bless my cashapp with some love.
i’ll use that money wisely.

low-key: of all the years blogging,
i’m happy to say i never scammed my foxhole.
these folks love burning bridges with their supporters.

28 thoughts on “this is how he scammed them off of his “onlyfans”

  1. He’s been scammer since he come out with that “relationship” book around 2017/18 and didn’t get everyone their books they ordered. I pre-ordered mine, but the book didn’t come out until months later and when it did other people who ordered after it came out got theirs before me. Myself & plenty other women would say something on his page & he would delete our comments!! Scamming bastard! He PM’d me on FB asking me my number to sort everything out but he never called! So I’ve been done with him since then. He had that video about “pumping some woman’s gas while her man sat in the car”, go viral & he started feeling himself. First he was a fitness trainer, then a comedian & relationship guru lol. Man whatever. He’s a clown & scammer and I wish more people could see thru his BS!

  2. For the ladies there’s definitely better onlyfans pages to follow.

    Treyschlongz eats the kitty like a fat dude at a buffet. Lol

    I’ve found twitter to be a good resource to go to decide who’s worth the money. If they’re only posting pics to promote issa scam.

    The good ones will always a nice minute preview with all the good shit lol

  3. The Onlyfans platform is designed to be a scammer’s haven. There is no rating system for the content nor is there a centralized place to read reviews from subscribers. And this guy is just one of hundreds who are scamming their way to thousands of quick dollars before they’re exposed.

  4. This guy was featured on the foxhole years ago, I wish I could find the post, he was trying to out gay dudes who were hitting him up in his inbox on Facebook. I have never cared for him from them days. I think this was his shtick until he started acting like a ratchet female for popularity. He is an attention whore who seems to go out of his way to let every body know he is Straight, so of course every time I see him, I smell a rat and think he really tries to hide who he really is. Being a Scammer is right up his alley, along with these other attentionista’s who prey on the thirst of gay men. Hopefully nobody else will get suckered by this Stunt Queen and one of his old DL Dates will release some pics or vids so that the people he has already scammed will get the last laugh.

    Here he is on Youtube doing what he does best trying to out someone.

    1. @Tajan

      Based on this video he appears to be a homophobic Jesus loving hypocrite in addition to being a scammer. I can’t believe these types of people are allowed to exist and thrive in 2020…

      than again, yes I can believe it.. 🙄

  5. Tc I wouldn’t pay for his if he did have videos. His ego turn me off.

  6. Khi Lavene, Rhyheim Shabazz, tyrone and johnell, benjithechow, few of my top favs. Connectpal somewhat has previews, they let you put something up so you can get fans to join. Pretty much if nobody is talking about their page, you shouldn’t sign up. It does tell you how many videos they have. You just have to investigate before you straight out and buy it. Most people promo on twitter. If they can’t give you a preview, skip.

      1. Yes he does he one of my favs too. He gives a free teaser on snapchat too

  7. i ain’t the baddest dude walking but they paid 20 for him? 😕😐 hey, everybody got they type fr

  8. To each their own, but I dnt know why anyone would pay for his onlyfans anyway!? I mean he’s too damn goofy For me, nice looking guy but he just doesn’t exude SEX APPEAL in my opinion, and damn sure not the point I’d wanna PAY!

  9. I thought it was obvious his account was fake. He would so called post previews on his IG and you could clearly see it was all a joke. I mean he is a comedian.

  10. But the freakiest onlyfans NEVER charge that much. And who signs up for a onlyfans acct that only has 2 videos? Lol that’s what their asses get ctfu

  11. Only fans can’t have a preview or a ratings system. Most only fans are trash. If people could preview or rate they’d be out if business in a week. They make their money off our thirst. I think there are only 3 onlyfans/justforfans that I would have subscribed to had I seen a preview. Also I’m so sick and tired of them constantly asking for $10 to see the rest of the video.

    I’ve basically stopped doing only fans. The only one I follow is jayehardbody. It’s not worth the $25 but that man is so fine to me that I’ll pay. I’m ok supporting daddy. Most of the guys I’d want to see an only fans of are bodybuilders who would never do one. Luckily Jaye is a stripper so he’s the bodybuilding exception.

    Speaking of which why don’t you feature some of these non attentionisto bodybuilders on your site like Ryan John Baptiste.

      1. They are pretty short, like 1-6 minutes. He doesn’t show his face in the videos. No jack off videos either, which is odd. My guess is because he’s a competing bodybuilder he can’t show his face in his vids. Unless you are obsessed with him it’s not worth the money. I’d say it’s really only worth $6 -7 for what he’s providing and that’s only because he’s a bodybuilder which is rare on only fans. If he was a smaller dude it wouldn’t be worth $4 a month. Certainly not worth $25.

        1. ^damn ive wanted to see his content,
          but if it’s wack like that,
          i’m good.

          he has a good stroke from the clips i’ve seen circulating

          1. It’s just poorly filmed. He needs to hire a cameraman. I’m sure he could get some thirsty queen to do it for free (raises hand). It’s mostly just short clips from one angle probably using his phone. His stroke game is good though, when you can actually get a good view of his body.

  12. No he didn’t do the sheet “now you see me, now you don’t” trick…. too savage 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Straight up disrespectful. Sadly it’ll make him more intriguing to some.

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