a conversation with tc_illkillya about alleged scamming and beef

i’m all about the mature response.
Lord knows i’ve written about some folks on the foxhole,
celebrity or not,
and they were full of attitude.
“psshtt! *neck and eye roll*” is all i can imagine when i’m reading their rebuttals.
sidebar: mostly from males of all orientations.
crazy part is,
i’m usually very open and objective within the conversation.
i’m honestly one of the nicer bloggers to hit up.
i’m never looking for the beef unless its 8 inches and has a good stroke.
so i spoke with @tc_illkillya today.
after yesterday’s entry,

he hit me up on the foxhole ig to explain his side and well…

we had a little traffic jam towards the end,
but then he sent me VNs to further explain his side:

i mean,
i’m going to be objective.
if he says he wasn’t scamming then i’ll take his word for it.
those who accuse him of scamming can send him a dm.
i will font tho…

He needs to teach the ragamuffins the proper way to hit me up.

as you can see,
we had a pleasant conversation without any rah rah.
that’s how you explain your side without being an asshole about it.

low-key: tc,
you know they’ll all be watching you now.
any bad behavior can and will be used against you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “a conversation with tc_illkillya about alleged scamming and beef”

  1. Let’s be honest, y’all were going to be underwhelmed by “the meat” if he did decide to show it….

  2. He made an onlyfans to post “work out videos” 🙄😂😂😂 yea ok. Got it. And I’m the Easter bunny. He’s a liar. He’s been caught in something similar before, I saw it on FB (supposedly some DL preacher hit him up, RC asked for money, when the preacher didn’t go for it he “exposed him”) All the IG fitness folks that want you to pay for their workouts, meal preps, tips etc AINT USING ONLY FANS FOR THIER CONTENT!! Lol nice try TC! You got caught! If fitness content was the goal you could’ve said that from jump that way people would’ve KNOWN what was up!! Hundreds of people signed up for DICK not push-ups!! 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. Okay so, that’s the end of it? Case closed? He’s innocent because “HE SAYS” he’s innocent?

    The fact is, people who subscribe to his page were mislead. And he sure as hell knows those people who subscribed didn’t do so to see some bullshtt fitness pics! He has over 700K followers on Instagram so if just 1% percent of those 700K people subscribed that’s 7,000 people. And at $20 a pop that’s $140.000 f*cking dollars!! So you do the math. These get rich quick instaHoes only need less than one percent of their subscribers to take the bait and they can net enough money to buy a Mercedes C-class in just one month.

    So yes, you pulled a SCAM bruh and it’s the people who paid you money that’s saying as much!

    1. He could have easily communicated that his only fans would be premium fitness content. Of course then almost no one would have signed up. Especially at $20 a month.

    He knows exactly what 95% of social media uses only fans for and he knows exactly what he was doing when he teased “seeing things not on his ig”

    The minute he brought up God I knew he was a FRAUD!
    He said he was only posting fitness but has a pic of him naked in the tub, naked by the pool promoting his OF, & teasing vids for women only! I’d never pay for his ugly ass anyway…

  5. Yeah ok…..
    Since when you need onlyfans to post “fitness” content?? Lol am I missing something? His ass got caught!!

  6. So he’s a fitness trainer but has no fitness content on his onlyfans. He also claims he’s waiting for only fans to activate his live feature. If so then keep your only fans free until it’s active. I’d go so far as to say he reached out to you because you are a threat to his money. He probably deletes comments on his Instagram account accusing him of scamming. He can’t delete your content.

    1. @Brian

      He’s full of shtt! Onlyfans doesn’t have a LIVE feature last time I checked. And how can they ever support a LIVE feature when their servers are so bad you can’t even watch a 60 second video without constant buffering or crashing. He’s a liar! But he’s already gotten the cash so he really doesn’t care. And I’m sure unsuspecting victims are signing up everyday based on his deceptive advertising of the page.

      1. they do have a live feature but like you said the shit is so choppy and constantly buffering/crashing. he still wack af 🙂

  7. ….NEXT!
    He is not even cute…Gurl byeeeee!
    Charlie and Malcolm are definitely worth the price…PERIOD!
    I hope this scam artist “allegedly” reads the comments up here about him😘

    1. You know he’s refreshing the comments section every few minutes. They live for this shit. He’ll soon make a post where he paints himself as a victim being bullied by the evil gay agenda.

  8. For folks who feel they’ve been scammed, you can always ask your CC company for a charge back. It might be a bit embarrassing, but you will get them dollars back. (Same applies for debit cards, but we’re not using those for online purchases, right? Please lawd no!)

    After a few of those, OnlyFans will get the hint and pull his site down- I’m pretty sure they get a cut of the fee. They’re also charged a percentage for the charge back and that gets old with a quickness. It also puts them in jeopardy with their payment processor (probably Swipe) over a period of time because it starts raising red flags of fraud.

    1. Can you really get a charge back if he didn’t promise any particular content. It’s not like he made a promise and didn’t deliver. He just allowed people’s thirst to take over their judgment.

      1. I’m thinking yes.. like, he implied the content of what you were paying for only to be duped? Should be worth a shot.

        1. Some banks don’t because they will take their word over yours so sites like Onlyfans, Connectpal, Justforfans and Paypal, the bank will tell you, they can’t charge back the money. Bank of America definitely wont, I know for a fact.

  9. Whudda thunk thirst could be so lucrative…Smh, I’ll stick to free porn.

    Hold up! No this negro didn’t try to pull the “we both black” argument to deflect for his scheming ways…what a stunt queen!

  10. This is a great example of how delusional these social media guys are. Your “supporters” didn’t pay for access to your OnlyFans just to watch you work out. Everyone knows what OnlyFans is about……and working out aint it. Your supporters aren’t going to tolerate you scamming them out of their hard earned money, ESPECIALLY when it’s apparent the economy is going to shit. If you truly respected your supporters you wouldn’t do something like that to them. i’ll say it again, if you truly respected your supporters, you wouldn’t do something like that to them.

    Him bringing up the “im not gay” was completely irrelevant. Are you a scammer or no?

    In the entertainment business, particularly on social media, all you have is your integrity. Your content is not unique, it is easily replaceable. If you embrace false advertising, word will get around, and that’s when people will seek to destroy you. Watch your back.

  11. He needs to change his platform, OF is synonymous for live nudes. Those half ass videos were deliberately a joke at best leaving your fanbase hanging, no pun intended. Exercise my ass, he is faking the funk.

  12. He slipped and let his dick post on youtube and he pulled it, its nice and average but not worth $20 a month. Hell Tyrone and Johnell both got big ass dicks and they make sure they post constantly and their membership is only $5 for people who subscribe to them often.

  13. I’ll just say people need to be careful now.

    People have caught on to the money some are making from onlyfans and now everyone is trying to hop on it to make money, even as a side hustle.

    We should know by now these attention whores really can’t fuck and don’t have range to be sexy to sell adult content that’s worth paying for. That’s why they stick to pictures and goofy videos.

    I don’t subscribe to any onlyfans pages but if I did I would only subscribe to those that have no issues advertising with good video clips and ones I can tell love sex.

    Being cute or attractive on Instagram does not translate to good adult content on onlyfans. Y’all getting finessed.

  14. So there’s another fitness trainer – real trainer – with an OF page (think his name is Corey Taylor). However, he makes it abundantly clear in the description and his posts that it’s not about sex, but premium ‘adult’ discussions and topics that he doesn’t post on IG. I’m skeptical about why do OF for that versus another platform (cuz everyone expects sex), but at least dude is Iont about his. TC is pulling an okie doke.

    1. That’s what patreon is for smh. I doubt anyone is paying for that. Maybe it’s a cover? Living in Cali isn’t cheap lol

  15. Jamari don’t let him feed you that bullshit! How is your OnlyFans for fitness purposes, but you advertise it under a sexually suggestive post? For example a video of him running around butt ASS naked, fake striptease, then pics of him naked with emojis or something covering his junk. What kinda fitness advertisement is that? Chile bye Crook

  16. He’s a liar, because if he was posting it for “workout content” he would’ve never did that lame ass video where he dropped the towel and ran out of the camera’s view Point . Secondly he was on live when he announced that he planned to do an only fans and he was talking about showing his piece and etc. After that live, he posted the video showing his butt and then he created the only fans account and uploaded that on there saying “more to come” he’s a fucking scammer. Everyone in the comments under the only fans post is also calling him that because he LIED and mislead his fan base. He’s full of shit. Why you think he was getting kinda nasty before leaving those Bullshit ass voice notes.

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