he was looking at the dominican cake on display on the low like i was

some of ya’ll gotta be careful with your leering when looking at other males.
i mean,
if this is you truly give a damn.
earlier today,
i went to the store to pick up some chicken to cook.

sidebar: after seeing that video of the rats in popeyes in dc,
i’ve been so turned off about eating out.
i been doing everything in my power to eat in.
i’m sure this stand-off against ordering out will end soon.

when i turned into the frozen food section to get some ice cream…

I was confronted with the nicest pair of sitting cheeks in some stupid tight sweats.

it belonged to this dominican wolf who works at the store

He is an early Gen X,
Thick af,
and every time I go in there,
he always wears his sweats super tight that hug his round backside perfectly.
I actually looked at his face today and he is quite handsome.

He isn’t a model or anything,
but a regula-degula Dominican wolf from the hood.

as i was at the register checking out,
i noticed they have a new cashier.
early 20s or close to it.
cheeky dominican,
as i’m gonna call him,
came over to the registers to make small talk with some folks up there.
when he walked away,
i noticed the young cashier lowkey trying to take a peek at the cake on display too.
he was trying to be lowkey wit it but i saw it because i knew.
the foxhole from all over knows that language,
feel me?

when the wolf walked by again,
they made eye contact

That young cashier’s eyes lit up and that smile was wide.

reminded me of a younger jamari tbh.
when you work at a job and you have a crush on someone that works with you.
every time they walk by,
you stay trying to take lowkey peeks because they are everything to you.
you hope that one day

They will crack your back open and turn your foxhole into a sunnyside up.

good times.

spanish straight wolves know their tails are big and love to show it off too.

their big tails tend to make up for their small pipes tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “he was looking at the dominican cake on display on the low like i was”

      1. When you can, do take a trip to DR. You don’t even have to stay in a resort, though those are nice. But definitely see Santo Domingo & the wolves/lobos there. The beauty is unreal. It is a Blacker country than many Americans realize and the people are very nice when you are down there. They even serve rum in the airport half the time!

  1. I was talking to a cute light-skinned Dominican (born in the DR) a few years back and he had the most perfectly round rump I’ve EVER seen. The gag is he was a short total top with…mini meat. I still sucked the soul out that little unpeeled plantain of his ‘cuz he was fione!

    1. scratches head * So, you ain’t never heard of Afro-Dominicans or Afro-Latinos before…???? Or are you referring specifically to Black Americans or some other non-Hispanic black ethnic group?

      1. How soon we forget…Jamari, several years ago you referred to a guy as a “spanish wolf” and people in the comments, including myself, educated you on that. It seemed as tho you then corrected yourself on future posts. But once again I’m confused by your statement: “spanish straight wolves know their tails are big and love to show it off too.” And to add insult to injury, people are commenting, “I’ll stick to Black,” as if “Black” only exists among English speaking people in the US? And do ALL “Black Americans” have big weiners? Do all “spanish speaking wolves” have big tails? We know that’s not the case. So once again, let’s try to not spread any more ignorance by labeling people by the language they speak and grouping them altogether. To be honest, it shows an utter lack of education and cultural awareness. Like do people even read, research, travel, think critically, or ask questions? Let’s do better. Thanks so much.

        1. Not sure why me saying “I’ll stick to black” triggered some people. As a black man, I’m only comfortable dating my fellow black men. It’s called a preference. Jamari’s post was referring to Dominican men, I know there are Afro-Domincans/Afro-Latino but thats not my cup of tea. So when I say “I’ll stick to black” I mean African American, or even African…so the two of you get over yourself.

          1. Let’s be clear. There are black people all over the world so when you say you mean african American or african say dat then. Because there are blacks all over the world – not exclusive to AA. And Jamari’s post was also referring to “Spanish” men. Thanks sweetie 🙏🏽

          2. I hear you but think of it like this: All African Americans are Black but not all Black people in the US let alone the Americans are African American.

            The largest number of Black people in the Americas are Brazilian, then African American, then Colombian, then Venezuelan, etc. based on sheer numbers. Most Dominicans are of African descent too, especially if you are in DR. Right next to DR is Haiti, where nearly everyone (except a tiny percentage of people) is Black.

            Some Black people say Black and mean only African American, but many people say Black and mean all Black people, including our African fam, Afro-Latin fam, etc.

        2. Afro Latinos exist, but they don’t look like Africans or African American. There are “black” people around the world but they all look different based on their mix.
          Plus many Latinos don’t consider themselves black even though they have African ancestry. They are a mixture of European, black, and indegenous people.

          1. @mansur – Is that based on your opinion? Where exactly do you live that you have concluded this. “Latinos don’t consider themselves Black? I think you need to get out more. smh. And all Latinos are not a mixture of those three. And some “African Americans” are mixed with all three…or they are bi-racial and still identify as African America. You have some studying and traveling to do. Thanks so much.

          2. Hardroc
            1. I didn’t say all, I said many Latinos don’t consider themselves black.
            2. Latinos by in large are a mixture of the indigenous people living in the region, the European colonists, and the slaves that were introduced. Now in these places there were racial hierarchies based on the mixture (white and white, white and indegenous, black and indegenous, etc), So of course not everyone mixed with each other. This is depicted in the art of the time (look up casta paintings).
            3. Black folk in the US range in racial mixtures because of the one drop rule. People that wouldn’t be considered black by today’s standards were considered black in the late 19th century and early 20th century.
            4. However a majority of African Americans have some common phenotypes like, Fuller lips, wider noses, and coarse curly hair (of course not all black people do, but a majority have some common phenotypes if not all of them) Many Latinos don’t have these phenotypes (although some do).

  2. I’ll take a “Small or Medium” with nice Azz over a big, hung horse any day.

    Them big ones low key scare me. ha ha ha

    They may look great online and in video / pictures , but in person??? Pass me.[ Yes , I am Gay]

  3. Jamari. I’m starting to think the reason we’re unhappy with our lives is because other people get the life we want…and they don’t even appreciate it.

    I had a “straight” coworker give me a ride home and he asked me if I’d ever been attracted to men or thought about doing something with them.

    I just laughed and turned the radio up and pretended to be into the song. His girlfriend worked there and she was so sweet. She would tell me he talked about me, but it wasn’t in a jealous way. My aura speaks to my character.

    But I heard that they were…open and swung.

    I know that would be a dream for some, for the wolf everyone wants at work to invite you to do it with him and his girl. So somebody out there, must be getting the experience I want!

    He told me the size of his endowment in front of my coworkers. So embarassing.

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