joe biden and kamala harris might be one term andys

some of ya’ll really don’t like joe biden.
all that dancing in the forests when he won…
i’m glad i like to keep a level head before i get to celebrate someone,
especially a politician.
i was thrilled for him to dethrone the dictatorship that was the trump administration.
anyone who was running against trump was gonna be the underdog.
a recent poll was taken by usa today/suffolk about biden’s approval rating and…

  • Nearly half of those surveyed, 46%, say Biden has done a worse job as president than they expected, including 16% of those who voted for himIndependents, by 7-1 (44%-6%), say he’s done worse, not better, than they expected.
  • Nearly two-thirds of Americans, 64%, say they don’t want Biden to run for a second term in 2024. That includes 28% of Democrats. Opposition to Trump running for another term in 2024 stands  at 58%, including 24% of Republicans.

as far as kamala harris:

  • Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval rating is 28% – even worse than Biden’s. The poll shows that 51% disapprove of the job she’s doing. One in 5, 21%, are undecided.

where has kamala been?
i haven’t seen her in months.

Does this mean that Trump will be in the running for president next election?

i keep hearing some folks will vote for him again if he runs.

i have a friend who says biden is cleaning up the mess that trump created.
the reason it doesn’t look like he is doing anything is that it’s a lot of bts mess.
they said it’s not fair to blame him because it’s always been like this.
republicans make a mess and the democrats have to clean it up.
they said it always goes like that during every election run,
including with obama with cleaning up dubya’s mess.
my thoughts:

I don’t know what to think anymore.

i didn’t care for how he handled the covids tbh.
the cdc and him were a match made in a disaster,
but it seems like things are returning back to normal.
something about kamala is always off to me but i dig her facial expressions.

I’m curious to read The Foxhole’s thoughts on the Biden/Harris dynamic duo.

lowkey: we need younger gen x and millennial meat in the white house.
these boomers gotta go.

article cc: usa today

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

28 thoughts on “joe biden and kamala harris might be one term andys”

  1. I don’t understand why people are so surprised that we don’t she her as often. What past Vice President did we see all the time? When Biden was Vice President we didn’t hear about him or see him unless it was time to vote. When Pence was Vice President we didn’t really see or hear from him until Covid really started. The Vice President is not a person that is in front 24/7. Her job is to mainly break a tie vote within the senate. I would love for Biden to give her a bigger role so we can see what she’s about. Hopefully that will come to fruition as their term continues.

  2. I think it’s waaaaaaayyyyyy too EARLY to count this Administration out. I believe Biden has done an admirable job and America is on the right track with his leadership. However, America has yet to atone for its White Supremacist founding and that is troubling. VP Harris needs to address this and do so forcefully and in great detail. Finally the DNC needs to honor African Americans as forcefully as we do the DNC. Also, the Progressive Caucus needs to take a moment.

    1. It’s ‘early’ on 1 hand. That said, the midterm elections are just a year away. Unless we see some tangible results, I’m very scared for the dems, and this country.

      1. @Jason…you and me both! Plus with all this redistricting the Republicans got going on, that’s some shady shyt right there. And to add insult to injury, all this infighting within the party is not helping AT ALL. Manchin & Sinema aren’t helping the situation, nor are AOC and the others.
        It’s embarrassing because they have the power to effect a lot of change and everyone is looking out for self, with the wolves (Republicans) sitting on the sidelines waiting for the carnage to end.

  3. To your friend’s point I think it’s interesting that we forget all of the foolishness that Trumpiana got us into that now has to be fixed. I think it’s also interesting that we disregard all the roadblocks that the GOP is putting in place to prevent joe Biden from having an actual “win”. It’s 100% intentional and it works in their favor. If I’m a republican and I’m interested in regaining power I will do what ever I can to make you believe your candidate isn’t doing what they promised… by hook or crook. And rather see what is really going on we fall for it every time. Biden and Kamala may not be perfect… but they are far better than anyone the GOP plans on backing in 2024… trump or otherwise.

  4. Biden was FAR from my first choice for president since he tends to be more moderate in his platform. I really wanted Elizabeth Warden, who I believe would have really achieved even more than Biden would have by this point. Hell, I would’ve wanted Bernie Sanders over Biden if he had been an option.

    But yea, tRump did SO much damage during his 4 years (such as the military anti-trans ban, repealing many National Park boundaries for oil drilling & tree logging, the mess at the border & the unnecessary wall, etc. I could go on & on.) that Biden has spent more of his time mopping up the messes. Biden is by far better as far as LGBTQIA rights & human rights in general. tRump didn’t give a shit about anyone but himself whereas Joe & Jill do care I believe. All the media does is focus on what he isn’t able to do because he’s cleaning house after tRump left.

  5. I feel that both Biden and Harris have done a great job!!

    .. How quickly folks forget HOW BAD TRUMP WAS!!!! ( and is!!!!)

    Besides, this is the same man who helped elect Obama and is basically a decent human. Not to mention dealing with Covid Pandemic and a severely divided country. Its too early to believe polls.

  6. Somebody brought up a good point this social media bullshit has tainted the world view people think if you don’t see it it didn’t happen

    Kamala is Working Not posting on twitter all day like trump

    And Kanye interview is really what heightened all this on drink champs but that nigga don’t have one plan besides having mixed kids building a church and designing shoes

    I think they need to start giving mental evaluations before the next election

  7. Whew…these comments are scary. It’s “too early” but he has signed an executive order Asian hate crime bill. They had the Haitian border crisis a few weeks ago. They are steadily letting Hispanics in while proposing to pay them up to 450k per person for being separated from their families at the border while letting them stay here with our tax dollars. Gas prices. Shortages across the country. They’ve incited division based on vaccine status. People are losing their jobs despite the overwhelming evidence that vaccinated people are catching, spreading and being hospitalized due to covid. They purposely told vaccinated people they could go maskless only to roll back some months later when it was proven they were getting sick and dying as a result. Blood on their hands all because they wanted to encourage people to get vaccinated so they could mask off. They have allowed transgenders to infiltrate into women spaces like the bathroom and sports. Girls have literally lost their medals and ranks competing with transgenders. And let’s see…nothing for black people whom they credited for their win. All this within 10 months. Y’all aren’t paying attention, playing obtuse or you’re brainwashed and it’s really sad. I’m scared to see what the next 3 years will look like if the past 10 months are anything to go by.

    1. The idiocy is this comment is what’s truly scary! Go on over to Fox News or wherever you yt people like to do to spew your bs.

      1. I could easily call you an idiot but instead I challenge you to point out the lie. I welcome you to refute anything I said. I urge everybody to google each point I made.

        Calling me white and fox doesn’t work. I only do facts not personal attacks. That says more about your intelligence level or lack there of.

        Biden was literally called out by the ACLU last week for lying about the settlement figures being reported by the WSJ for the people in the back. Look that up too.

    2. Your comment about trans girls stinks of transphobia. Funny that you’re not concerned about trans boys being disadvantaged when playing with cis boys.

      The CDC recommended taking off masks for the vaccinated back in April/May based on data that indicated the vaccinated couldn’t spread COVID. Many unvaccinated people decided to chuck their masks as well. This was reversed after the emergence of the Delta variant, which is highly transmissible and can be spread by even the vaccinated. It was hardly some intentional flip flop.

      Anti-vaxxers have incited division based on vaccine status by refusing to get vaccinated for nonsensical reasons and purposely spreading misinformation. By the way, the CDC encouraging vaccination to protect people from hospitalization and death was a good thing to do.

      I don’t agree with giving each migrant family 450k, but I believe damages should be considered for families who were forcibly separated and still cannot find their children, parents, etc.

      The shortages and gas prices are due to supply chain issues caused by the widespread lockdowns. It’s not something that can be fixed quickly. Unless you have a solution?

  8. Oops I forgot to mention the afghan refugees getting 6.3 BILLION DOLLARS from our tax money as well. Y’all are sleep chile…
    The thing about these people getting payment is it sets them up in the US to create businesses and employee their people. Meanwhile Kamala is quoted saying she didn’t intend to do anything specifically for black people while laughing at the the thought of it. Joe Biden can tell us we’re not black if we don’t vote for him, he reprimands black leaders telling them to learn to work with the Hispanics.
    He’s done a lot in 10 months for it to be “so/too early”…the gag is the things he’s done simply just doesn’t benefit black people. Period. Please do your research and stop depending on information that CNN/MSNBC spoon feeds you. Their mess is well documented and it’s not hard to find. They are liars and they are not for my people. They are NOT doing a hood or “great” job. This country is a hot mess right now.

  9. While we’re talking does anybody know why Biden has been flying migrant children to New York in the middle of the night. Literally landing between the hours of 12 midnight to 6am. Why are they transporting children at those hours? Research that too. Bloop

  10. Jamari I would love for you to research the points I made and do one big political post on all those items. Mainstream TV media is not reporting on most of those things. Black people need to know what is currently going on beyond the TV.
    I just read reports that the Dems & the CBC are proposing a bill to give Latino immigrants grants, voting rights and workforce development.
    Calling me names won’t take away the facts. It’s not me anyone should be mad at. Direct that anger to the correct party/decision makers.

    1. It’s that you’re blatantly spewing lies and Fox News talking points. Do you even know how becomes eligible to vote in this country?! I’ll give you a hint it’s not by the President or one political party. Not only that you can’t substantiate anything with reputable facts or evidence. Like STOPPPPPPP.

  11. So my thoughts on Biden are mixed. He has done some very good things but some not so good ones as well. I originally voted for Bernie but voted for Biden over Trump, who was a complete disaster.

    Let’s recall Trump: millions of jobs lost in 2020, 610,000+ (reported) deaths from Covid in less than 12 months, botched vaccine rollout, disastrous policies with China, Russia, etc., Trump’s terrible Afghanistan pullout plan, endless corruption for 4 straight years, the scam to get Ukraine to smear Biden, etc. The US, already plagued by numerous problems, social and political inequality, police violence, etc., went completely off the rails last year. Then there was his failed January 6, 2021 coup.

    Biden won, by 7 million votes. The good stuff: The vaccine rollout initially was very good, but he should have issued a mandate early on, before not after the Delta variant. We now have vaccines for children & the country will approach Covid-19 being a chronic situation, not a crisis. The US should ship billions of vaccines to less rich countries ASAP to cut Covid in its tracks. The Stimulus bill was very good as was the eviction moratorium. (Landlords did get $ too.) Under Biden the US has created more jobs in 9 months than any other presidency ever. (That’s a real fact.) Biden also reentered or tried to restart most global pacts Trump broke off, and the US’s relationship with most allies has improved. One huge deal is Biden got all nations to agree to a minimum global tax to stop billionaire tax evaders.The stock market is at record levels, so rich people and anyone with money accruing in a pension/401K is doing better, at least on paper. Biden has done some other very good things, including getting the infrastructure bill passed (this will mean more jobs down the road) and if he can pull of the other bill, it will benefit the country quite a bit as well, especially when it comes to climate change.

    Not so good stuff: The Biden border situation is bad, particularly the treatment of the Haitian refugees. But it’s also an issue other countries have to address in concert with the US because if the problems remain, the migrants will keep coming. The Afghanistan pull out should have happened but it was unnecessarily botched. Why did Biden follow Trump’s terrible plan? He could have rethought it. The increase in jobs has been good but with the existing supply chain issues (more people have more $ to buy more stuff, but the stuff is backed up all along the chain) has driven up prices/inflation. Too little supply, too much demand. Biden could have addressed this earlier but has been a bit slow to put this in terms people can grasp, so they see the higher prices and fewer goods and are upset. Biden also has continued many of Trump’s bad policies (the hostility with China, the border deportation rules, etc.) and needs to get out and address Black voters directly. Without Black folks he wouldn’t be in office and we’d have that crazy fascist in there. As the recent elections showed, Black people keep the Democrats in office (Murphy) or competitive (McAuliffe) but Democrats often ignore us except at the 11th hour. That gets tiresome. On the other hand, many Republicans seem to hate Black people, so I get why some people reject both parties.

    Anyways I think his record is mixed but he is better than Trump. Trump didn’t believe any law applied to him, was unqualified for his job, lied all the time, was extremely racist, put lots of homophobes on the court, and basically allegedly filled his pockets daily while creating utter chaos. The results were a catastrophe of 610,000 dead Americans and far more.

  12. She is a VP what is she supposed to do? Biden makes all the decisions, she has the final vote in Congress. Remember what Pence did to get Biden in Office, that’s Kamala job now

      1. Like people don’t know that VP’s run Congress if its a tie, VP has the final vote. She does nothing else. It was like that with all VP’s. Just because she is a woman means nothing. The women/first ladies did something and that’s First Lady Biden’s job. You are not going to see or hear anything she does as VP. She runs Congress to help Joe.

  13. Biden did 8 years as VP, he is doing 4 as President. He probably can’t change it all but it will take another 4 to see it. The next President will see Biden changes if he doesn’t get re-elected. There really is no other candidate to replace him now. They need another run off. If Trump runs he need to start making preparations now and he is not. They need to have somebody step up in the mid-terms to properly prepare for a win against a one-term President. Most dems in recent took 8 years. Obama and Clinton. Hillary could run again but she is not. Who else could step up; the speakers of the senate and house can.

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