travis scott is determined to do the right thing (with his wallet)

the operation,
don’t lose the bag“,
has officially started for travis scott.
he is planning on trying to make it right tho.
i mean,
he better.
he is gonna shell out the coins for the victims from his concert via “tmz“…

Sources close to Travis tell us he’ll be fully covering any and all funeral costs that might come about for the families of the 8 people who passed away at the concert this weekend.

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11 thoughts on “travis scott is determined to do the right thing (with his wallet)”

  1. I saw a video on Instagram where someone tried to get him to stop the concert cause people were dying, and this motherfucker Travis Scott wanted to keep the concert going despite the pleas for help. I am quite appalled, and I can see just why he being hit with them lawsuits. Nigga, you oughta be ashamed

    1. nor Drake.. it will be LIVE NATION that pockets that will be hit…

      Those named in the lawsuit include Jacques Berman Webster II, also known as Travis Scott, Aubrey Drake Graham, also known as Drake, Live Entertainment Inc., and the Harris County Sports & Convention Center, also known as NRG Stadium.

      Many begged security guards hired by LIVE NATION ENTERTAINMENT for help, but were ignored.”

  2. DWRCL….. Jamari wrote: : kris jenner is probably on overdrive.
    kim is probably trying to remember all she learned in law school.
    the war room is on ot right now. …..

    DWRCL….. so funny…well someone said something the other day and I have copied and pasted the comment….

    ……” But the guy is sitting at home counting his money, letting his PR-Team write some emotional texts and the lawyers do the rest of the work. He will not be held responsible for any of this. He is too rich for that. And in America, money is worth more than someone life…….

    And so there it is. Sadly this will be how the cookie crumbles!

    1. I don’t know, I don’t think this black man has enough money to cover 8 people killed at his event, this ain’t gonna be easy. 8 people dead, most of it all on camera…he doesn’t have enough to sweep that under the rug

      1. nah, he will be getting some loot from his baby mama…if HER MAMA don’t step in and shut that down!

  3. This gesture is laughable. Really? paying for funeral cost is what you are trying to do? To the victims don’t sign anything he lays in front of you. He will have them sign away their right to sue for the price of a buriel. You can pay for the funeral yourself after you sue his ass.

  4. One dead blonde girl is equivalent to killing one hundred dead white people, if you are black. It’s unfortunate, but true. Jelani Day still hasn’t gotten any major press coverage in the national media, so we see how much sympathy/empathy he elicited.
    If there are other dead white people, Travis Scott will pay. The black victims are not given two fucks of a thought. Kris’s Jenner’s old stale washed up pussy ass fingerprints are all over this, just as someone referenced in a previous post on this blog.
    On another note, these are Covid super spreader hotspots. Frfr. I’m disgusted at how many monkey faced fame whoring, fame hungry celebrities are throwing these late, tired bashes and birthday parties,(Toya Carter) like nothing is going on.

    1. Black children and teens in this country is out of slight out or mind when shit happen to them. Lord don’t let be a white child or teen it’s the end of the world.

  5. “My heart is broken.” Drake has broken his silence over the tragic events that occurred at the Astroworld Festival in Houston when crowd trouble led to the death of eight people and injuries to many more. The Canadian rapper, who was a featured guest during festival founder Travis Scott’s headline set, took to Instagram on Monday night to issue a statement.

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