shit happens (in the meat aisle)

we have all had this issue once or twice in our lives.
your stomach starts a-bubblin and you can’t clench your butt cheeks tight enough.
it don’t matter where.
you eat or drink the wrong thing and…

if we’re lucky,
we can find a bathroom fast enough.
other times,
we are shit outta luck and…

a foxholer sent me michael rapaport’s ig,
who had some wild shit to show and well…

[videopress gbWvPe9q]

nothing is more pungent than human shit wafting.
that is absolutely disgusting and she needs to be arrested.
my thing is…

She couldn’t take that shit to the parking lot?

she could have done that behind a car or in an alley.
disgusting wretch.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “shit happens (in the meat aisle)”

  1. I saw this 3 days ago and only the blogs are covering it. But when people were licking ice cream, the country acted like the FBI, CIA, ATF, & ICE had to be on the case. I mean both are equally bad, but how do you recover from sliding in some poo because you turned quickly to see the discount on some frozen meats?

  2. Man I remember one time sitting on a bus seat that felt damp only to realize I smelled urine. Luckily I was heading home. The worst is locker facilities.

  3. That’s pretty gross. I’ve never been to a public gym like Planet Fitness or whatever they are called but I hear they are nasty and dudes just walk around barefoot.

  4. Remi, licking ice cream as some have done from store shelves is much worse. You do not ingest human feces from the floor but I’ve cream is meant for eating. She could have / should have asked to use the store bathroom. How about behind the store. Almost anyplace would have been preferable to where she crapped. That’s nasty.

  5. I did not have to see this lol. I wonder if she went to the nearest bathroom to wipe afterwards. This is absolutely disgusting.

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