folks want malik yoba to be gay so bad

i think folks are waiting for malik yoba to claim he is gay or bi.

Because he admitted he’s attracted to trans-vixens

…and folks think the next stop is to gay town.
they’ll be waiting a long time because

 …a male being attracted to trans-vixens don’t mean he’s attracted to males.
trans-vixens are females.
the average straight male’s dick get hard because the aesthetic is of a woman.
his dick may not get hard to my foxtail,
at all.
i feel like everyone was waiting for a big reveal on his “breakfast club” interview:

…but i knew it wasn’t gonna happen.

Has he addressed the allegations of allegedly having sex with a trans-minor?

i’m sleep tho.
i think folks need to stop expecting much from malik’s admission.
even if we found out he was allegedly gay or bi tomorrow…

Would it change anything?

like others,
who admitted they were into the same sex…
probably not.
i think people are just nosy af.
once we find out someone likes to fuck the same sex,
it’s the mystery of if they like their own or date interracial.
after that’s solved it’s…

Onto the next witch hunt.

lowkey: i feel like malik was about to get outed,
but he jumped on the story to control it.
in my head.

17 thoughts on “folks want malik yoba to be gay so bad

  1. Admittedly, I don’t have all the answers for this conversation. I don’t think anyone does. However, I’ll say this…

    The trans-attraction conversation is multidimensional and both the heterosexual community and the lgbt community are, in my opinion, INTENTIONALLY focusing on trans-women and the straight-identifying men attracted to them for, albeit various, self-serving reasons.

    The heterosexuals are shoving these men into are community because they are doing their best to keep the “grey area” between the heterosexual and non-heterosexual community as small and slim as possible. On the other hand, the lgbt community, particularly gay men want these men into our community only to satisfy their ravenous urges for straight men…

    I’ll take this conversation seriously when gay men and heterosexual women start to address THEIR attraction to trans-men (the one’s that are attracted to them), then I’ll engage with this trans-attraction conversation…until then, I’m out.

    These conversation needs to stop being so male focused ( MALE to female transgenders and the MEN attracted to them). It’s really telling of our society…

  2. The tone of the conversation was so unsettling. I felt as if the other guy came off very judgmental and angry towards the audience. They all had the opportunity to educate a different group of people in the Breakfast Club but the tone was so overwhelming angry that I am not sure how many people now want to have the conversation in any space. If you can see fault in Kevin Hart but not this conversation you may want to reevaluate.

  3. Hmmm. I was expecting more comments by now. No one seems to have brought trans men into the topic of discussion as well.

    I thought it would have been interesting to note that black women (& some other races too) are totally against trans women but we’ve yet to hear the angle of a woman liking trans men, and for all purposes, trans men look completely like men from head to waist. I’ve seen some who look like stallions.

    If a gay man or straight woman is attracted to a trans man, would we still consider the man gay and woman straight like kinda how the guy in the video is said to be straight because he finds trans women attractive?

    Also, I saw a woman rage on about trans women being allowed to participate in women’s sports and is actually beating them & she says it’s not fair (because men are naturally stronger than women). So I wondered are there any trans men who may play males sports?

    One of my drifting questions is the issue with going to the bathroom (locker room) as trans. What made me think of that, I was at work with my trans woman coworker & she still uses the men’s bathroom? I saw her go into the man’s bathroom & I started to question her and ask why she in the men’s bathroom & I’m assuming it’s not legal here or whatever.

    My job is very pro LGBTQ & you can legit get fired for making a comment as one guy did, “Dresses are for women.” He got said this to her and he got fired for discrimination but later I was asking myself. Well, isn’t not letting them use the bathroom of the gender they claim also discrimination?

    So all of this is quite frankly interesting & somewhat confusing to me at some points because this goes beyond the bedroom. This is not like someone saying I’m gay or a Lesbian. I am in love with my same gender kind of deal. This is taking on a whole entire different gender & confirming to the lifestyle.

    I find it hard to compare this to being a gay man or gay woman & I really don’t like when people compare them because the points that need to be discussed are surgery and taking hormones or whatever. If I’m not mistaken, this must be done for the rest of your life as far as hormones is concerned. Gay men and lesbians are well aware that they can’t get their spouses pregnant as that defeats the purpose of liking the same gender.

    You also need to sit and think about people hating the “skin or body they are in.”

    Are we finalized by cosmetic changes?

    For example, Sammy Sosa did a complete skin color change. He was born Dominican and was black and is NO LONGER dark skinned…. He wasn’t happy being dark & he felt he needed a change. He identifies as white now.

    I…I….I…. Ummm…

    Like in the real world you just can’t say I am a “straight trans attracted man.” and expect it to blow over. In fact, the idea of a Heterosexual man saying he’s “straight trans attracted” is about as clever as a homosexual saying he’s “gay trans attracted” especially when Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders, Bisexual and Queers are all under the same umbrella.

    There is nothing wrong with being attracted to trans men or trans women but once you make that leap you are NOT straight anymore.

    Some people are willfully ignorant & know damn well that if a straight man smashes a transgender woman she is not going to get pregnant but if he bones a trans man, I’m pretty sure she will be getting a baby bump.

    Him admitting to this isn’t even worth the press. I find women attractive too but I don’t sleep with them. Am I Homosexual-Straight attracted or can I recognize beauty when I see it regardless of gender?

    That man ain’t straight, especially if he hanging with us under the umbrella. He Bi.

    Or is he?????

    1. “If a gay man or straight woman is attracted to a trans man, would we still consider the man gay and woman straight like kinda how the guy in the video is said to be straight because he finds trans women attractive?”

      The refusal of gay men and heterosexual women to address this is why I don’t take this conversation about trans-attraction seriously. It’s hypocritical if you ask me to go on a witch-hunt and scrutinize these straight men who are trans-attracted when straight women and gay men won’t talk about their own trans-attraction.

    2. I mentioned it above, Jammy, but you’re right about trans men. I know of many cis-“straight” women who find trans men attractive, and many gay men as well. The key is attraction to gender, not the sex you’re assigned at birth.

      When you start to talk about trans attraction, the terms “straight” and “gay” start to fall apart a bit. And then there are non-binary people or agenders, who blur the line.

      On the other hand, shouldn’t we also have the right to define ourselves? Then again, we’re all intersectional, and are more than one thing at the same time, so Malik Yoba can be straight and queer, or straight and bi, or just who he is: a man who is attracted to women, cis and trans.

  4. If you identify as a straight male sleeping with a trans woman who still has their penis & that turns you on then you are in fact gay or bi…

    If that trans woman has COMPLETELY transitioned then you are still straight in my eyes!

    1. It’s really hypcritcal how the gays are trying to tell this man who he is and what he should identify as. But when someone does it to them, they wanna yell homophobia or toxic masculinity. It’s all so strange. This man said he isn’t gay but that he’s a straight trans attracted man and y’all chastise him. It’s like you damned if you, damned if you don’t. I personally long for the day when we realize judging and oppressing other people isn’t gonna help anything.

  5. Yes he addressed the trans minor with Claudia Jordan.I think she has a podcast. He said it’s not true he didn’t know her,never met her but he hopes she gets help because she obviously experienced a lot of trauma,abuse in her life.

    I was hoping him revealing his attraction to trans woman would inspire other men to do the same.But after seeing/hearing the overwhelming negative response , especially from black women , I think it will probably have the opposite effect and drive them deeper in the closet.

    I was on a blog today and all the women were saying negative things about him. I said on the positive side now when Malik asks out a cisgender woman she will know upfront he is also attracted to transgender women. So she can decide whether to go out with him or not depending on if she she has an issue with his trans attraction.Timesaver☺

    1. “But after seeing/hearing the overwhelming negative response , especially from black women”

      Yes, especially. This is not talked about enough. People like to talk about trans phobia and lay it all at the feet of men, when WOMEN also discriminate and play a huge role in even how men cope with or handle themselves on this topic.

  6. Well here is the thing.. I think it’s great that he is speaking up for Transgenders and the people that love them, but he has got to understand that his admission about liking Transgender women is gonna come with a lot of speculation and questions. I myself have questions… but I’ll keep them in my head tho.

  7. I don’t care what anyone on Earth says: A strict top will blow the back out of a woman’s 2 holes and a trans woman’s. I know for gay men, being rejected by attractive straight men, you lash out and call them gay.

    But there is nothing gay about wanting the aesthetic of a woman. Gay is liking male organs ONLY. I am sure there are those who like both organs and on an intersexed or trans person, it’s the best of both worlds. Focus on other gay men and stop trying to get the men who are trans-attracted only. It’s like gay men see them as close to straight as possible and then try to get in competition with trans women.

    It’s the hardest out here for trans women. At least there are a few gay couples. What man takes a trans woman seriously? You think only gay men are secrets. Being outed as with a trans woman is almost as bad as being convicted of a crime. It’s the “ultimate insult” and I hate it. It’s the ultimate emasculation/way to ruin someone. Look what Sidney Starr did lying on Chingy. I hate that trans women are out here, trying to not be seen as prostitutes and sexual fantasies..getting killed by men who are terrified of word getting out

    and bitter, single gay men..all they can do to make themselves feel better is come with the “you’re still a man” mess.

    What about when your uncles, cousins and brothers are telling you to not act like a girl? Or if they do know you’re gay, tell you to “not be the girl in the relationship”? Everybody is telling us what to do. Mind your own bedroom and stay out of other people’s smh

    1. But is that true? Some gay men are attracted to trans MEN. They like the overall male GENDER, and are not hung up on the genitals.Trans women are women, not men. They are female in gender, whatever their sexual assignment at birth. This is what trips a lot of people up.

  8. You know folks messy & love drama. The whole trans-vixen thing is a messy. Natural females are getting hella upset.

    I’ve seen comments of enrage when one wins something & you hear them saying it’s a shame a real woman loses to a man that pretends he’s one.

    My attitude has changed about trans people since I first started getting on here. Ive worked with a trans woman & were cool & I used to always call her a him accidentally until I got used to it & started getting it right.

    People like to expose others, the internet just makes it easier. I think the there is also the element these stunt kings and queens live.

    You really have to think hard on this one but I’ll save that convo for another topic.

    Jamari you have quite a few trans-vixen followers & they be peeping these topics closely.

    1. He’s not gay (he’s not straight either) but he’s not gay. Somewhere in the vicinity of pansexual.

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