this antonio brown rape story sounds “off” to me

i love to investigate shit that interests me.
i’ll confirm with my own snooping.
after a good weekend of team trading,
antonio brown was accused of raping a vixen recently.
i won’t lie to you foxhole,
but something about the whole story was fishy to me.
i sawthis alleged video with antonio and the alleged victim.
well via “hollywood unlocked“…

and this tweet about the video:

the part that confused me was he nutted on her back,
while watching church videos…

…But she still chilled with him after?

he allegedly did all these suspect things before the rape,
but she was still hanging around him?
going to clubs and all this other shit?

( x see entire court transcript here )
something is off with her story to me.
in my opinion…

He was banging her with her consent and something ended it.

the question is “what?“.
she wants to sue him for rape,
but not have him thrown in jail?
that is always the first sign of “weird” to me.
tmz” just posted this earlier:

i’m sure more will come out about this story in the coming days/weeks.
you know i’ll be snooping around.

lowkey: it’s sad they knew each other in college and it led to this.
if this was all a lie,
you gotta be careful out here.
i can see why male celebs are weary of giving out the good dick so freely.
folks out here be on one.

article cc: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “this antonio brown rape story sounds “off” to me”

  1. I’m not going to speak on this particular subject about these particular people, but I think something needs to be addressed: You’re a lowdown motherfucker to accuse someone of rape and you know damn well they didn’t do it/it was consensual. I can’t stand a liar and there are many women (and men) that have called rape. You’re gonna ruin a man’s life, career, and reputation because you’re mad about 7in that he’s not gonna give you anymore?

    And I believe rape victims when the story makes logical sense. I wouldn’t go back to someone who violated me sexually repeatedly. That just strikes a chord.

  2. J, Man Iwas waiting for this…it just came a little bit quicker than I thought. AB just a little to uppity” fur’ them…gotta bring him down a peg or two. You know how they do…Heeyylll he’s a suspect bottom anyway to me…ijs…lol

  3. A damn shame. Then you wonder why these ballers get with white girls because they’re own women so this kinda shit. Smdh

    1. Stop the track.

      White women been falsely accusing of men raping them for literally generations and gotten some killed by that lie and we wonder why black men choose white women?!?! What????

      So where all the black men leaving the white women then? 🙄😒

  4. The day I’ll defend a black man accused of raping any color women, is the day they defend a LGBT person, stop being hateful and respect our community…
    Moving along…..

  5. Eh, some women get their ass beat everyday, but still stay with their abuser, post snaps and instas like everything is okay, and only press charges after realizing the way that they’ve been treated over however long was wrong. I think the same could be said about rape victims who had some kind of relationship with a rapist before before being rapped by them. So why exactly is this really that weird? It doesn’t make common sense, but shit like this does happen to people who are victims.

    1. It’s the relationship part. She claims they have never been more than friends, that he reached out to her for business purposes. In addition, if he jacked off and came on her back, there are two things that don’t make sense: 1) She said he did it “furtively”. How does a man that big Jack off behind you and you not know? 2) Why would HE be mad and send those fucked up texts if he got his nutt?

      Those video clips suggest that they were an item and something SHE did caused his angry texts, and after, he got over it, it was business as usual.

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