the beauty and the bullies

like the cool kids go past school,
so do bullies.
it’s amazing to me how bullies still have a place in society.
being nasty to others was something we looked down on before,
but if someone is real good at it,
it can make them a star.
at whatever age,
some folks will always be bullies.
others became bullies after being bullied.
they literally morphed into their oppressors.
this vixen as my job is being bullied and it truly breaks my heart

she is beautiful,
and is a good worker,
but her bosses seem to be some real demons to her.
it’s really disgusting the abuse she faces every single day.
its almost like they assigned her as their personal punching bag.

I’ve been there so I know

the difference between her and i is i’ve learned to fight back.
i can be a real smart ass when needs be.
there is a timidness to her spirit.
her bullies have picked up on it so they know which buttons to press.
from what i’ve been told,
they also gas light,
and manipulated others against her.
all classic abuser traits.
at this point,
she’s mentally and emotionally wounded with barely any fight left.

that really hurts me to see that.

it’s sad that we don’t outgrow being bullied.
we can have amazing jobs/careers,
but there is always that one (or two) dumb ass that ruins it.
it leads to being a struggle to get outta bed in the morning.
an email or message can trigger intense anxiety.
in school,
you had to set them straight so they don’t underestimate you.
it’s hard when it’s in a work setting.

Some workplace bullies hold your destiny and paycheck above your head like a carrot

the moment they smell fear,
it’s game over.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “the beauty and the bullies”

  1. Maybe some anonymous emails to corporate HR will spark an investigation. Maybe these emails will start off “I understand that your company has a zero tolerance for workplace harassment as it reduces productivity, creates a hostile work environment and affects the bottom line….” Maybe.

    1. Exactly Cornelius! I’d also go to lunch with her one day and school her on some practices like documenting things, standing up for herself, etc.

      If you allow people to talk to you or treat you a certain way, they will continue to do so. I’ll tel a person in a heartbeat don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. You DON’T want to see the other side of me…it’s not pretty. LMAO

  2. Have you tried to befriend her? You said you were looking for someone to vibe with. If she seems cool, why not you two hang for lunch & just chat sometime. Y’all don’t have to be best buddies or anything.

    In situations like that I’m proactive enough to ask the person how they are doing or speaking up or making the person feel welcomed. If I had experience something similar that makes me gravitate & uplift them a little.

    Aside from that, I’m pretty bold & if someone is harassing me at work, I’m going to report them straight up and in person at that. I’m not sending anything. I stress on here that I have zero tolerance for bullshit. I’m kinda the same way on here but this is online & I don’t even take anything at screen value but in person, issa wrap.

  3. Gosh jamari that gif of those coyotes attacking that springbok is painful to watch. I mean damn that’s really graphic. But I understand why you picked it, seeing someone being abused isn’t much different than seeing an animal being eaten alive.
    Maybe you could reach out to her. But be careful though because I’ve seen people lash out at folks for being nice to them. Especially when they’re being treated like shit. Hopefully it gets better for the young woman.

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