the tragic end to another trans-vixen (bee love slater)

this year alone,
17 trans-vixens have been murdered.
bee love slater will be the 18th in south florida.
i don’t what possesses folks to be so evil,
but this following story was so heartbreaking via “the daily mail“…

The body of Bee Love Slater, 23, was found in her car on September 4 in Clewiston. 

At first deputies asked for help in identifying her charred body but investigators publicly identified her two days later as Bolman Slater VI, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Her death is being investigated as a homicide. 

It’s not clear why Slater, from Pahokee, was in the Harlem neighborhood, about 30 miles away. 

Investigators with the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office say there’s no motive for the crime yet, but said it was one of the most brutal murders they’ve ever seen, according to The Advocate. 

Authorities are investigating whether Slater’s gender identity was a motive in the killing.

Sheriff’s spokesperson Captain Susan Harrelle was tight-lipped on the details of the case saying: ‘The only people that would know that would be people who saw that or people who did it.’

absolutely terrible.
unless they go through her phone records,
if they even have her phone,
there might be no suspect in this horrible murder.
they can ping all the phones within the area of where she was murdered.
that’s usually how they find suspects these technological days.
i want to believe a hyena is involved tho.
unless this is a crime of passion,
this seems really personal.
i hope someone will come forward so the family and friends of bee love can have closure.
may she rip.

article: the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “the tragic end to another trans-vixen (bee love slater)”

  1. More than likely they killed her and tried to burn the body…amateur move. Forensics will help them find these bastards watch and see. Smdh this shit is sickening. Everyone please be careful

  2. This is absolutely atrocious! My heart goes out to that Baby’s family. And I pray to the Most High that they find the Bastard that did this and may the perpetrator’s soul rest in hell!! 😡😡😡

  3. It could have been anything from a bad drug deal to sex related. Being that this is Southern Florida who knows? The real insane thing is stuff like this goes on all the time. I’m talking daily. People often get away with crimes like this in places like Brazil (& sometimes America).

    However, in this case it had to have been someone she knew. A stranger wouldn’t do this for the sake of it but someone she knew a little more closely would.

    Burning someone with fire is a powerful emotion. It was likely she was killed at a different location and her killers drove her to this spot at set everything ablaze to confuse things and destroy evidence.

    This been going on so long though..from Mississippi Burning murders and they still burning folks “alive” on the regular in Africa and the Middle East.

    Worldwide problem.

    Whoever did this, If they get caught (and havent left the country). All of them will be doing a lot of time. I’m sure they will still be able to tell how she died.

    I wonder if this could possibly be connected to the organs trade??

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