nintendo switch wants to take you all the way back

the nintendo switch is an amazing device.
i don’t think folks give it much credit.
they are definitely trying to go further with it than other systems in nintendo’s past.
super nintendo” was a childhood fav for my friends and i.
i remember some of the games i played on that system.
 nintendo switch decided to bring back some of our childhoods last week…

with your nintendo account,
you can play free super nintendo games.
shut the entire front door!!
when it was released,
i had to hit up my cousin hyrbid on the asap.
we bounded heavy on summer playing “zelda: a link to the past” and “super metroid“.
thats when i learned samus was a girl.
i remember putting in hours and hours before i beat it.
i also remember that system is how my love for “mario kart” came about.
i want to unlock all the secret levels in “super mario world“.
i’d actually play that game from the start again.
i enjoyed that gaming experience.
i loved the final boss in that one.

all i need is for them to have “game cube” games next.
it would be over.
“nintendo switch” is currently ( x 299 ).

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “nintendo switch wants to take you all the way back”

  1. 😭 when I tell you “Zelda, A Link to the past” WAS MY CHILDHOOD!!! That game was damn near how I learned to read! Lol I’ll never forget fighting Agahnim and trying to reflect that damn magic back at him! Lol

  2. I was a SEGA fanboy all the way. I’ve seen some of the guys I know play Smash. I don’t play it but it is an interesting console they have developed.

    1. ^i always felt like sega had amazing graphics.
      sonic 2 was a gorgeous game to look at.
      the dreamcast was such a great system that went to waste too.
      i had one and crazy taxi on there was stunning.
      shame they never kept systems like nintendo did

      1. Dreamcast was one of my favorites for sure. Sonic game is so nostalgic.

        The only one from Nintendo I’ve had personally is the Nintendo 64. My brother had a GameCube.

        I’ve stuck with Xbox every since. When I use to work for a game company, I got exposed to PlayStation. Their controllers are a problem for me. I prefer the bulkier XBONE.

        Now I see that most of the characters I liked are on Smash Bros from Sonic, to Street Fighter. Games have come a long ways.

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