a digital addiction is still an addiction

i didn’t realize how addicted i was until it was gone.
the night before,
my apple watch decided to jump ship…


now ^that watch was a series 1.
it was way behind all the current apple watches.
it was much slower,
but it still got the job done.
it works as an assistant to my phone.

quick glances at messages/send quick responses
let me know what was on my calendar
all comments and messages from the foxhole

the “breathe” app helped me with any anxiety attacks
counted my steps and semi work outs
let me know what the weather was

all without picking my phone
at work,
it was a dream because you know how jobs are about phones.
so when it wasn’t on my wrist,
it definitely felt missed.
i would look at my wrist because i was so use to the watch being there.
i ended up having to go buy a new one because i couldn’t take it.

I felt naked

i got the series 3 for 229.
i don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles as the new series 5.

so far,
this is definite upgrade as far as speed and a new experience.
some apps on my series 1 said “fuck you!” and didn’t open period.
all is right within my forest again.

2 thoughts on “a digital addiction is still an addiction

  1. Never had one but people told me to get one but I have so many watches that I can’t buy it and not where one 🙈🤦‍♂️

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