why did ig run marvin bienaime up outta here?

so i’m vex.
i don’t know if i should blame instagram or jackals.
i’ll admit that i like looking at marvin bienaime’s work.
even though he thinks i’m the bane of his existence,
i try not to hold grudges like others do.
my career is to present the news to the foxhole,
whether it’s good or bad.
folks won’t like it and that’s perfectly fine.
marvin has had his alleged stories on here but…

He does brings the heats with the meats

^see charlie up above.
a fan fav on both his socials and the foxhole.
well a vix-bi alerted me while i was on break yesterday that…


i was so annoyed when i saw that tweet.
i’ve seen much worse on ig.
where else am i gonna see bts videos like this:

and sergio’s literal sexy ass:

i think it might be time for marvin to do an “onlyfans“.
he can get really wild on there,
plus i’m sure folks will pay for it.
no more emojis blocking the good stuff.
until marvin’s ig gets resurrected,
let’s pour a little likka out for all that good meat down the drain:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “why did ig run marvin bienaime up outta here?”

  1. the eggplant and emoji coverups are what did it. the same thing happened to another photog. remember everything is subjective. what’s over the top to one person may not be to another.

  2. He ain’t doing no onlyfans. He rather make people pay $80 for his calendars. If he does don’t be surprised if it’s mostly short clips asking to pay the same amount for full clips.

  3. I’ve seen exclusives on his Twitter, actual nude clips without the emojis. He’ll post for a quick second at the most random hours and then its like it’s gone afterwards. It’s time for an another website. He’s a Black photographer showing Black Male bodies, IG tends to let it fly more when it’ women being half naked. I feel a hater got his page flagged.

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