Jay Ellis May Have Just Pulled Me In For Another Round

bet’s the game has gone through a bit of a change since i last watched.
i think the last episode i watched was on the cw.
even though brandy joined the cast,
bet is known to fuck up a good thing.
as you know,
med school and derwin are out.

i don’t even know why they got rid of kelly.
today i was looking at the new cast trailer for this new season and this:


this is the new meat!!!
let’s see a little more of this, shall we?…

everyone meet jay ellis.



he is an actor/model.
wherever derwin went,
jay is taking his place as the new saber.
lauren london is playing his girlfriend.


i don’t really care about her.
he is hot tho.
not the muscular wolf i usually go for,
but i wouldn’t kick him out of bed.



Screen Shot 2013-03-09 at 6.09.29 PM

plus i like how he talks.
he can talk to me allllll night long.

oh yes.
march 26th on bet at 10pm, they say?
i may just have to be there.

6 thoughts on “Jay Ellis May Have Just Pulled Me In For Another Round

  1. I was slow in watching the show this season. I didn’t think it would work, but I’m really loving the chemistry between Jay Ellis & Lauren London. It’s working, and then there is Rockmond Dunbar turning it up another notch. Love that man! Excited for next season.

  2. It’s not the same without Derwin and Melanie…I like brandy and Lauren London but they shoulda just cancelled it

  3. Completely agree with The Man. Ever since they signed on with BET every season gets worse. But Lauren is my baby, very beautiful. I’ll let her have my baby.

  4. I will not be watching. No Derwin + no Melanie = me not watching. I may check it out just to be nosey, but more than likely I will not continue to watch on the reg. They would have been better off cancelling it. Why they chose not to beats me.

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