The Wolves of “Insecure” Do Gym + Summer Thirst for “GQ”

so everyone knows i love “insecure”.
i love the wolves of “insecure” as well.
when you add in my strong affection of “gq” magazine,
you get a shot of testosterone that may knock you clean out.
well all of that came together for a shoot titled:

When the Thirst Is Real: The Dudes of Insecure Go to the Gym

y’lan noel,
wade allain-marcus,
jay ellis,
sarunas jackson,
and neil brown jr laid some thirst traps down for us.

this is the finished product…

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Snow Bunnies Will Run The Train On Your Black Dick

the forbidden fruit of the snow bunny.
most of the straight black wolves can’t resist.
of course,
everyone was talking about last night’s episode of “insecure”.
if you didn’t watch,
you should wait for the next entry.
for those who did,
i’m sure you saw lawrence and his snow bunny situation
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The Game Over (BET)

i think i only watched the game for blue last night.
he is played by the legend(ary body) that is jay ellis.
oh and maybe even malik and chardonnay.
lord knows i forgot what happened on the season finale.

jason got punched,
i think thats what happened.
he was getting married or something…”

that was me.
ready to turn the channel.
alas i decided to stick around.
i watched their series premiere last night and well…

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He Had An Underwear With Skidmarks On His Head

tumblr_mkldovkBS91qcnbmho1_500i been holding on to the game.
it started kinda “wtf”ish,
but it’s getting its act together.
last night’s episode tho…

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MEAT: (297)

to segway off the last entry,
this is why i’ll be tuning in to “the game” next tuesday…

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the game premiered for their sixth season tonight.
i know you guys were excited about that.
derwin said bye.
ciara is on it.
lauren london isn’t a “new new“.
my latest prey:


… made his debut.
i got the first episode below for the foxhole…

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