The Game Over (BET)

i think i only watched the game for blue last night.
he is played by the legend(ary body) that is jay ellis.
oh and maybe even malik and chardonnay.
lord knows i forgot what happened on the season finale.

jason got punched,
i think thats what happened.
he was getting married or something…”

that was me.
ready to turn the channel.
alas i decided to stick around.
i watched their series premiere last night and well…

“stick a fork in.
its cooked.”
lindsay-lohanthe game needs to end this season.
not next.
this season.
this show is like someone who died but is still on life support.
we all know they dead,
but we are still holding on to hope they may raise up like:


well “we” being “me”.
the show doesn’t have a point anymore.
is it a comedy?
is it a drama?
like what is happening?
it seems to only be giving these people a check.
these talented (some) actors who could be doing better.

“how old is taste’s baby?
didn’t she just give birth?
why is the baby like 2 years old?”

20130705064126!Confused_Finnthat was me with another random thought while watching.
either way,
i’ll only tune in to see:

tumblr_ng8aojWR5N1sc08v0o1_1280…and maybe malik and chardonnay.
thats about it.

lowkey: no seriously,
do you see why i tuned in:

…okay then.
i’ll be supporting his (and those pecs) career.
good luck jay!

photo credits: the game/bet
jay ellis

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The Game Over (BET)”

  1. Sorry, but Blue is not enough for me to tune in. But I totally agree with the show is dead and still on life support. Let us all pray and say our farewell goodbye to this show.

  2. Does anyone remember how good and funny this show used to be?

    Hell black people all across the country would be home at night on Mondays watching UPN because we knew it was “our” night. What happened?!

    Yeah Jay Ellis is just ok to me. I’m going to go out on a limb and say any man that has star tattoos on his body is gay. Never encountered a straight man that does that.

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