My Hair and my Ass Fake, But So What?

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so i’ve been a fan of jazmine sullivan since her debut.

maybe even before that.
my absolute favorite song from her is “lions, tigers, and bears”:

i think i played that song so much that mp3 was scratched up.
you can only imagine how i felt when i heard she retired?
well when i got word that jazmine had a new album,
  “reality show” on the way,
there was no question that i would be hopping on that.
i had a chance to listen to it on the way to the plantation and well…

not-worthy“i’m not worthy”.
way to get back in the game jazzy!
i think this is a flawless release since her hiatus.
sometimes you need to leave so you can get your whole situation together.
every track is pretty much a standout,
but i really like “dumb” featuring meek mill,
“mona lisa”,
“silver living”,
and “mascara”.
judging from the reviews i’ve read,
“mascara” seems to be the track everyone likes.
check out the preview stream of the album:

 …and of course,
let me know if you diggin’ it or you want to send it back.

lowkey: i don’t know what to think of this vixen yet:

meghan-trainor-title-covershe hasn’t “grabbed me” yet.

purchase “reality show”: itunes | google play

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “My Hair and my Ass Fake, But So What?”

  1. I absolutely love the album too, Let It Burn is by far my favorite though. Her vocals mixed with her genius writing abilities made a phenomenal album for sure.

  2. @Jamari. The album is dope. Definitely need to see her live.Beautiful voice u just feel her words even if u never lived it.

  3. Always supported her…she did heavy background vocals for Fantasia in her earlier albums alongside Missy since Fantasia does a lot of dtuff with Missy….i’ll be buying this album just to support her…#PHILLYSTANDUP

  4. I have it, but haven’t listened to it yet. Jazmine never disappoints, so I know it will be good. And I’m kind of feeling Meghan Trainor; nice pipes on her and I like that 50’s/60’s vibe she has going on.

  5. I love jasmin she’s so soulful and talented. I was a little bummed when she announced a few years back she was retiring. I think she was tired of having talent but not getting the kind of shine other people who can’t sing worth shit were getting around that time.

    I will be getting this to support her. I hope she tick around much infer this time.

  6. Yeah I saw Jazmine in concert one Valentine’s Day, along with Ne-Yo and I forgot I had came with someone! Lol

    They both tore the house down!

    Meghan Trainor is infectious. That’s the kind of white girl I’d date. lol

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