The Game Over (BET)

i think i only watched the game for blue last night.
he is played by the legend(ary body) that is jay ellis.
oh and maybe even malik and chardonnay.
lord knows i forgot what happened on the season finale.

jason got punched,
i think thats what happened.
he was getting married or something…”

that was me.
ready to turn the channel.
alas i decided to stick around.
i watched their series premiere last night and well…

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Frank Ocean Gets His Hair Did

tumblr_n9ww24mfb21qdrz3yo1_500 Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 9.13.59 PMwhat the hell is a seapunk?
so frank ocean debuts a new hairstyle.
as you can see it’s blue.
he also has a shirt on.
i prefer him debuting muscles like he did ( x last time ).
i guess this maybe part of the creative process?
lets hope a new album from frankie next year.

lowkey: chris brown does it better tho.

via ( x his tumblr )

Sing To Me Like You Mean It Chick

musictuesdaysi’m having a slow start today.
it’s like i can’t concentrate.
oh i know why!
i couldn’t sleep last night and i went to bed at like 5am.
between reading a book and watching a movie,
i was rebelling against sleep.
so i woke up OD early,
i got k michelle “rebellious soul”.
it’s actually really good.
i went back on my musical journey once again.
i needed more.
i got diana ross “blue” and etta james “at last”.
never heard etta past her iconic singles,
as well as diana.
judging from the snippets i heard,
they both sound bluesy and jazzy.
i’m all for a good jazz album.

lowkey: i’m starting to think i’m addicted to music.

Oh That’s My Baby Over There With His Pretty Pussy

tumblr_mm1hgsLDgp1rkjfzno1_500sexy ass duncan james
(who always looks porn ready)
of the brit boy band blue,
had a beard.
shocked face!
actually he had a couple.
not a beard on his face silly.
he had a couple industry chicks playing:

“this is who i want you to believe i’m fuckin'”
duncan admitted who was playing his “girlfriend for the cameras”

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The Curious Case Of The Incredible Vanishing Negro

oktextding ding ding.
oh looksie looksie,
it’s a new text.
i wonder from who?
momma asking you to pick up collard greens for dinner?
sibling asking did you dvr over their witches of waverly?
it’s some number you don’t know.
judging from the “wassup”,
they know you.
who they tho?
so you pretend to remember who it is.
(i hit random numbers with a smooth “who the hell is this?”)
after a few conversations,
it’s “him”.
that “guy”.
that guy you met damn near 6 months ago.
you took his number out your phone because he vanished.
he never followed through to say “you weren’t what i was looking for”.
now he is back?
say what?
don’t you hate that shit?

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