Frank Ocean Gets His Hair Did

tumblr_n9ww24mfb21qdrz3yo1_500 Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 9.13.59 PMwhat the hell is a seapunk?
so frank ocean debuts a new hairstyle.
as you can see it’s blue.
he also has a shirt on.
i prefer him debuting muscles like he did ( x last time ).
i guess this maybe part of the creative process?
lets hope a new album from frankie next year.

lowkey: chris brown does it better tho.

via ( x his tumblr )

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “Frank Ocean Gets His Hair Did”

  1. Frank is so cute. He reminds me of myself.

    I think Chris looks okay with dyed hair. Every time I see him with it, I’m reminded of when he threw a chair through a window. Blonde Chris is “crazy, I don’t give a fuck” Chris, to me. I think the blonde do was his last attempt at trying to distance himself from the incident when he laid hands, mouth, and feet on Rihanna. It was kind of his Britney “I’m gonna cut all my hair off and then attack the paparazzi with an umbrella” moment.

  2. Frank is in London.He has been there for a few weeks working on his album.I don’t like the hair but I don’t like green,blue,pink,etc hair

      1. I just looked it up. DAMN! he even put “eat that booty” for the description. I saw somebody said “he wishes it was Drake’s.” From what I heard about Drake, I bet he wishes it was his booty too.

  3. He tried to get sympathy for being gay and got it. He won the awards but everyone realized he has no talent with the live performances and canceling shows. Now he is being cryptic, dying his hair, and trying to be deep? No one is checking for him anymore.

    1. He did say he wanted the bisexual talk to end, and that is just what happened. He came out two years ago, and as soon as the news broke about the players coming out last year, no one talked about Frank anymore. Then after that, Jason came out, and now Michael Sam has come out and the spotlight is on him.The only thing I am checking for from Frank is his new music. I am not interested in any aspects of his life except that, nor should I.

    2. I disagree he is a talented songwriter he is not a dynamic performer.I will take great lyrics over mediocre lyrics and great dancing any day.I hope he plays the piano more on his next tour.

  4. I think that should apply to any artist.The only thing we should focus on is his music not who sleeps with.I am looking forward to hearing new music from Frank.I like the fact that he is not on FB,twitter,IG,etc

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