You Remember Me! You Really Really Remember Me!

tumblr_static_stayhumblesome days,
this job of mine can be really humbling.
some days.
well today was one of those days

so i got a call from thing 2 to come to her desk.
she said someone wanted to see me.
when i got to her desk,
it was one of the clients i usually handled for my old boss.
she was a snow bunny,
mid 40-ish,
and had her own company.
i would always speak with her and make her laugh.
she was real laid back and chill.
i remember one day i told her my whole life story.
we were sharing and i let it all out.
she listened and then hugged me.
well when she saw me,
her face lit up.

“i ask about you all the time!
i don’t see you anymore when i come here!
they told me that you unfortunately had to move to another section!”

we started to speak and i said something along the lines of:

“well thank you for remembering me.”

in which she responds:

“how could i forget you jamari?
you are a very very unforgettable person.
you have a good spirit.”







i didn’t do anything extra to her.
didn’t try and butter her up for my boss.
i just love genuinely speaking to people.
making them feel good.
laughing especially,
even if they are laughing at me when i do dumb ass shit.
i always believed in treating people the way i would want to be treated.
it was the way i was raised by my parents.
now don’t get me wrong,
people get frightened when i have to come for their head.
so i give everyone my best,
until they prove their worst.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “You Remember Me! You Really Really Remember Me!”

  1. Well damn, your boyfriend(whoever he may be) will be a happy man. People usually only remember me for having a name that is not so common.

  2. You left a lasting impression on her bro. My boi smooth wit it. The ladies love Jamari…..oops wrong species huh? LOL. *runs*

  3. As I have said before you have a good soul and you give off good vibes people can sense that and either like it or hate it. anyhow just remember this moment and that good people do gets what’s coming to them so you’ll have yours and more.

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