I Got The Video of Chris Brown Eatin Da Booty

BufJOeKIIAM8xrathis was the alleged instagram shot seen around the world.
chris brown gets out of jail and he wants to turn you on.
well no bullshit,
but i got the video.
ready for it?
(nsfw and 18^)








next to his song “crawl”,
^that is one of my fav chris brown songs off my favorite album of his,

lowkey: i have this belief that chris brown got some exceptional “d”.
i mean he been fuckin’ since 7 years old.

giphyhe has had a lot of practice.

pic deleted from his: instagram

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “I Got The Video of Chris Brown Eatin Da Booty”

      1. I thought “idgt” meant “I don’t got time.” Bad grammar, but hey. Isn’t “idgts” the acronym for ” I don’t give two shits?”

        Either way, I’d do it with Chris.

  1. i thought #idgt stands for i dont get tired remember when he cracking jokes about eating ass before when one of those black rappers said it awhile back and the guy had posted his statement that he ate ass with the #idgt behind it and chris made a response video and etc…Chris brown looks like a freak though like he eats everything..i’d so do him

  2. Yep, that’s it Malcom

    To see the background videos, type the following in the youtube search field:

    1. Kevin Gates Admits He Eat’s Booty (UNCUT Villain TV)

    and then….

    2. Chris Brown Mocks Kevin Gates For Eating Booty”

  3. We might have more d/l bros on our team than we thought. So many straight women are admitting that men wanna eat their asses. I’m telling you, the future is bright and bisexual. Men are starting to experiment more. Pretty soon man/man woman/woman sex will be considered normal. Women go both ways at the drop of a hat anyway. Men always have to be coerced. I didn’t believe a Lesbian who said eventually gays will outnumber straights. Once men discover the all the sexual spots that lie in their asses, they won’t be able to get enough of butt play.

    Toss my salad< Go deeper with a dildo< Let's see what a real penis feels like up in there!?

    i heard more pleasures lie in our behinds than our penises and vaginas. Men and women are starting to see why us gays love booty so much.


    #selfsuckers lol

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