Snow Bunnies Will Run The Train On Your Black Dick

the forbidden fruit of the snow bunny.
most of the straight black wolves can’t resist.
of course,
everyone was talking about last night’s episode of “insecure”.
if you didn’t watch,
you should wait for the next entry.
for those who did,
i’m sure you saw lawrence and his snow bunny situation

he ended up paying back two snow bunnies with dick.
well one with dick,
the other he couldn’t get hard again to fuck during the threesome.
that scene was real life tho.
my home-vixen asked me today if that really happens.


this is why i love hanging with straight wolves.
i have learned so much.
most black vixens don’t understand how snow bunnies lure black wolves.
it’s easy.
from the beginning,
they were looking at lawrence like a fetish.

“Doesn’t he look like…”

when he was fuckin her,
she was screaming the notorious:


x see
x it
x here
x now
x foxhole

^that last one fucked her senseless.
snow bunnies love the bbc.
they will do anything to get a dick down from the bbc.
some snow bunnies are notorious at being wild af too.
they will suck your dick in the club,
in the cab home,
in the hallway,
in front your parents
and won’t hesitate to swallow every drop of the nut.

i knew a black wolf who played basketball in high school.
he was the star player and he went to a majority white prep school.
since he was a mini baller wolf,
he was like a God there.
when he invited us to see him play,
after the games,
the snow bunnies would be on him.
he made them do anything.
once he had them suck off all our mutual friends at a house party.
from what i was told,
they swallowed all the nut.
snow bunnies in corporate america are an adult continuation.
go with your snow bunny co workers to happy hour.

drinking + a hood wolf + a snow bunny(ies) = banging will ensue

you know how many mailroom wolves i know they fucked on the low?
you know how many have tried to fuck me?
even my gay ass could get some bunny pussy if i wanted. 

that scene also showed how they only like black wolves for dick.
they were done with lawrence since he couldn’t out fuck them.
it also showed how un-loyal they can actually be too.
once you don’t do something they want,
they won’t hesitate to throw you under the bus.
i mean,
it goes back to slavery.

so that was a legit true story last night.
black wolves don’t ever learn tho.
they just see wild pussy,
and once they realize how they get used in the end…
…they want to come back to the sistas.
uh huh.

lowkey: i love how issa causes discussion with this show!

24 thoughts on “Snow Bunnies Will Run The Train On Your Black Dick

  1. As a straight (… Bi) guy maybe I can give some insight here.

    You hit the nail on the head, white girls do go, “wild” for the bbc. And yes, I do hook up with White girls because they get buck wild, lol!

    At the end of the day though, I know they’re using me for their fetish/good dick in the same way that I’m using them. It’s nothing too serious, I don’t think I’m special because she’s white, or she’s better somehow. I know after it’s over she doesn’t care about me, just like I don’t care about her. I feel like most Black guys feel the same way I do. (If this makes any sense)

  2. @kjd I suggest you read your history, considering it goes back farther then our time here, or should I say our sale to these shores. And in regards to fetishes, blacks and whites have been fetished, long before massa came along. Whites were fetished to Arabs and blacks moors for centuries. After the Armenian genocide, many white women were sold as slaves to Arabs. Not to many what happened along the Barbary. And blacks were fetishes to whites. So how about you do a little reading beyond your narrow perspective. Some ppl sound so pathetic give so much power and responsibility to others. Not even realizing what they’re saying

  3. Ikr lol.. Slightly off-topic but I used to trip on this subject because I was brainwashed by some insecure black gays who hated interracial dating so they would come up with all of these reasons why black gays shouldn’t get with white gays and it got to a point where I started feeling insecure.

    But then I got to a point where I realized that people like what they like and who am I to question it. Shit people seem to forget that it takes two to tango. Who says that the black person doesn’t have a white fetish either? We are not victims. If they’re both fine with it then it’s none of my business. I know I damn well won’t get with anyone who openly craves for “BBC” because it makes me cringe however I’ve come across many black men who use that “BBC” stereotype as a tool to their advantage to get laid. So clearly there’s some guys who like toting the fact that they have a BBC and want acknowledgement from it.

    1. Dating “preferences” aren’t passive decisions. No one is born with racial preferences. People don’t just “like what they like” they are conditioned from somewhere, either from their upbringing, environment, society, the media they consume, etc. We live in a white supremacist society that has brainwashed people into believing that whiteness is the pinnacle of success and beauty and that plays a major role in some black men’s obsession with wanting their partner light and/or white

      1. I concur. Do what you want but understand what you are doing. At least understand why you are doing it. Shit, something.

      2. It may not be passive however it damn sure isn’t a conscious decision. Unless a person is being straight up bigoted, however you don’t get to choose what gets you aroused for the most part. That is my main point. And guess what? We are all conditioned to some degree about certain things in this life so it is what it is. As I said, people like what they like. Not everything has to be a science experiment trying to dissect why a person likes something which is pretty harmless anyway. People have been like this for centuries. Not everything is white supremacy, hence why people have different preferences. Yes white supremacy plays a part in why the white race are the most desired in general terms however there’s people in the world who are not attracted to white people so that’s why I made my point.

      3. Lies. “People don’t just ‘like what they like’…”

        You’re gay or bisexual! Nuff said

    1. I suggest you go read your history before making such an ignorant statement. The whole notion of blacks being seen as nothing but inhuman animals and sexual predators and the BBC mandingo nonsense was born out of fetishism and racism stemming from slavery.

      1. Meanwhile, slave masters and their wives were raping female AND male slaves.

        They always deflect their heinous acts on us. Smh

    2. @kjd Furthermore, many white nations (study more and stop lumping all white people into the same pot) had nothing to do with our sale and slave time here. And just as whites, latinos, etc, can be exoticals, so can/are blacks. It’s all about perspective and it goes back farther than massa. (Also see my first reply below)

  4. I just knew the white girl was gonna scream “Fuck me with your Nigger cock!” The show is brilliant.

  5. That scene had me feeling I was watching a “Dogfart” production and waiting for Issac, Ricky and Jay Slayher to join in, for real. But today I had a field day with the Brazilian dude from Paraguay and I was slinging that dick and pounding dude all afternoon till I came in the Motel! Next I took dude to a sex shop and the dark backroom for fun however I could not stayhard and went limp and that was my Lawerence moment, true to nature.

  6. Omg Jamari, this review you just wrote is everything freaking thing bro. Everything you wrote was spot on. Also I don’t feel sorry for these black wolves especially these pro athletes who only date these snow bunnies, then they get into some trouble by them, and there career suffers from it.

  7. This is particularly true in Africa where it’s nothing but overweight white English women in their 50’s or 60’s who can’t find a man in their own country so they travel to places like Kenya where they can easily pick up men

  8. Last night was another great episode but to be honest I don’t think most black wolves care about being used or hunk about it that way pussy is pussy to them. In the end everybody gets what they want.

    1. As a bi man, this is 100% true. I don’t mind being used since… Well, she’s getting used by me as well. We’re using each other for a nut, it happens.

  9. BBC Chasers 😂

    On another topic Issa had to address the safe sex question.Some people on Twitter got on her case because they never mention condoms on the show.She posted a picture showing a condom wrapper on a side table.She said next season they will address the issue.

    There are two schools of thoughts.1 It’s a fictional show why do they need to show or mention the characters use condoms,other shows don’t.2 Since the demo watching this show are primarily black women it can’t hurt to bring attention to this issue of practicing safe sex.

    I wouldn’t mind if they did an episode next season discussing safe sex and what the women would do if a partner refuses to use a condom or negotiaing condom use.

      1. He is his hoe phase just like she trying to be. Hell she scratched a itch while she was still with him. He got the dick they need, so he blessed.

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