“The Many Faces of Fuck Up” Starring Breezy Wolf

breezy wolf.
the days of him looking like this…


…are distant memories.
what is happening in his life?
breezy wolf has had a week of fuck ups.
what’s new?
from going in on a valet attendant over 5 dollars:

i would have to punch him in his throat.
way too close baby boy.)

being wanted by the ghana police for smoking weed on stage:

but everyone today is talking about him looking like this

he needs a reality show.
i would watch.
i know one thing that needs to stop.
he spit a “verse” in the club before allegedly saying “fuck drake“:



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13 thoughts on ““The Many Faces of Fuck Up” Starring Breezy Wolf

  1. SMH he had so much potential. I guess the spotlight got to him and he just can’t handle it. He’s used to getting his way ALL the time and he looks horrible…and dirty. I hope he gets better tho

  2. He went from the next big thing in music to the crack head charactr from the Dave Chappelle Show. Its sad to see how much of a non factor hes become ovr the years. He does need a strong man in his life to help guide him and get things back on track because his mom isnt doing the job anymore. This is why people need mentors. We all need that guiding figure to help us sort through these jungles of life ESPECIALLY if you plan on making it in the entertainment industry. Chris is just anothr Lost Boy making it up as he goes along, and sadly hes not alone…

  3. Yea, I miss that boy in the top pic.

    I think he is smaller than me now. It’s just sad how he has fallen so much.

  4. I’m getting tired of everyone blaming Rihanna for his troubles. She doesn’t force drugs into his system. In all honesty he needs to quit music (or take a five year break) and get himself together. Him and rihanna need to leave each other alone because they are the worst thing for each other I think. I’m sure the love feels good but they seem like the most unhappiest depressing couple in the world. They bring each other down. Honestly, I used to Thank God for creating a man like that (during the ‘exclusive’ era) cus he was the sexiest thing my eyes ever danced on at that time. But I never though would see the day where I thought Chris brown was ugly. He’s not a good look no more. I’m over them both.

    1. ^i agree run.

      chris is around a bunch of hanger oners.
      i hear he gets mad when you tell him no.
      he suffers from that “tell me yes to everything i do” disease.
      i’m sure rihanna doesnt want a repeat of the situation.
      i kinda feel they just like fuckin’ each other.

      i use to think breezy was sexy.
      i thought he would be the new michael jackson,
      or a very consistent prototype.
      who knew he was following in the footsteps of bobby brown

      1. I personally think Rihanna is on the road of becoming the new Whitney and he the new Bobby. I can imagine by the time their thirties, Chris career would completely fade away and his glory days will be way behind him, and Rihanna still being one of the top bitches in the game if not the top dog (let’s face it, she’s on Beyonces ass). I’m pretty sure shell be pregnant really soon also. I just feel bad for them.

      2. There is Another video on TMZ where he raps to guys to their girl,”that’s my pussy,baby so you better not give it away” That happened Thursday at some club.If he is on drugs why doesnt shop up on drug test since he is on probation?

  5. And he fired (and jumped) his bodyguard Pat (the same bouncer who took a bottle for the head for him!

    I honestly wish nothing bad on the brotha because he looks like he is truly going through it.

    I told him to leave that Rihanna chick alone a while ago. Take a LONG vacation away from the industry. Just go get help man. I don’t see it ending well for him at all….Just gotta pray for him.

    I miss the OLD Chris Brown before Rihanna…

    1. ^damn jumped him too?!
      that’s fucked up.

      this isn’t a rihanna issue because he was still acting stupid with the filipino chick.
      snatching phones and violating parole.
      he started looking terrible and doing hardcore drugs when he was with her.

      this is a “chris brown being chris brown” issue.
      he needs male figure in his life.
      one who isn’t following him.
      one who ain’t scared to punch him in that mouth and sit his ass down.

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