safaree jamaican beef patty was up in she pums… but softly

*the following is rated r.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

i’ve been wanting to see that jamaican beef patty in action for a minute.
not safaree regular jackin off content,
but i want to see if he is full jamaican in bed.
i heard the pipes be havin’ voodoo in them and i’m curious.
well erica mena,
his wife,
posted this:

for 50 dollars,
i was expecting a full “daggering the pums to death” special on her onlyfans.
this is what was allegedly shown instead…

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They Flew The Coop of What Made Them Interesting

bbwoverthey lost it.
the “it” is gone.
so basketball wives is over.

can we talk about how terrible that season was?
even better,
wtf was that for a season finale?
bringing a stalker on the show for a round table discussion?
i think this was my only favorite part…

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Danny Brown Loathes Miley Cyrus (No Lies Detected)

640-c06a-molly-ringwald-un-nouveau-titre-de-danny-brown-produit-par-araabmuzik-en-ecoutewell someone had to say it.
danny brown has no love for miley cyrus.
he can see right through her “snow bunny gone rihanna” act.
danny had a interview with rolling stone and this is what he had to say…
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Sooooooo The 2013 MTV VMAs Was:

wack as every kind of fuck.
thank god i didn’t waste that outfit in my head going to that shit.
did you guys enjoy the mtv vmas?
or was i the only one who was bored?

tumblr_ms47o4uGXM1qder2jo1_250lowkey: jay z and bey had no fucks to give about attending.
they shoulda called that the justin timberlake show.

All Ya’ll Wanna Get Like Me


get like me.
this goes hard…

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I Go From NY To… “Can I Book Another Flight and Start Over?”

lost_damned_hardman--article_imageso i know you watched the last episode of love and hiphop atl, right?

x click here if you didnt

well you know that whole k michelle debacle at the music video shoot.
i’ll talk about her soon.

well i have the music video called “ny to la” and well…

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