DeSean Jackson Needs To Stick To Catching Footballs

i’m all for people trying to advance their careers.
even try something new.
it worked for someone like j.lo for a little while.
look we are all singers and rappers in the privacy of our homes,
but that is where it needs to stop.
this is for you desean


don’t make that face.
this is for your own good.
did anyone know desean was trying to be a rapper?
well i heard he wanted to attempt it,
but i didn’t think he was serious.
he debuted his new video called “brinks truck“.
i know.
typical negro shit.
it features gillie da kid, lee mazin & yung mac….

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“The Many Faces of Fuck Up” Starring Breezy Wolf

breezy wolf.
the days of him looking like this…


…are distant memories.
what is happening in his life?
breezy wolf has had a week of fuck ups.
what’s new?
from going in on a valet attendant over 5 dollars:

i would have to punch him in his throat.
way too close baby boy.)

being wanted by the ghana police for smoking weed on stage:

but everyone today is talking about him looking like this

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TYGA Has Street Cred?

for all those who wanted to have a certain fantasy of tyga,
don’t watch this…

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Madea’s Big Sad Family


How many of my Foxes and Wolves went to see this?
I’ll wait….

Well I just came back from seeing it and…

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Phone X’d

So after the FAIL that was the AMAs,
I decided to turn in early and have some bomb phone sex with a potential victim Sunday night.

Only thing is,

The tables turned and I ended up being the victim….

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