Madea’s Big Sad Family


How many of my Foxes and Wolves went to see this?
I’ll wait….

Well I just came back from seeing it and…

… as usual, Tyler Perry did not do anything interesting or captivating.

It was the same ol same ol.
Thank God I saw it for free.
I don’t even need to write a review because lets face it…

You see one Tyler Perry movie; you’ve seen them all.

I am kind of tired of this Madea character.
Hell, I’m tired of the movies Madea is actually in.
It was funny when she was in the plays and even the first movie,
but now it is becoming overkill.
This movie was not funny at ALL.
Of course the couple white people scattered about the theater were crackin’ the fuck up.
I was low key cringing.

Bow Wow was the best actor out the “kids”.
Teyana Taylor and Lauren London should probably stop acting all together.
Tyler Perry needs to stop a) wearing a dress b) playing a straight man and c) acting.
I could preach all day on Tyler Perry so I’ll save that for another entry.

But did anyone else check this one out?

P.S: I did enjoy the old Spice guy.
He brought some kind of stimulation to my boredem.

11 thoughts on “Madea’s Big Sad Family

  1. I went to go see it Friday. I enjoyed it but to be honest TP makes a certain “brand” of movies so I knew what to expect before I saw it. I had also recently saw the play so it wasn’t too far off from that. Also honestly if TP wasn’t one of our own I don’t think I would support him. Just being honest. I appreciate the work he does for African Americans in the film industry. As far as Teyana Taylor goes….stick to music honey. Her character was annoying and took little effort to portray. The ending was hilarious though.

  2. His drag performance is tired. He’s late. But because we lack any mainstream black film makers or substance, the black community will continue to support his nonsense.

    1. Anddd it’ll likely be #1, so TP will feel like he doesn’t need to change anything. I will not go see this…

      1. it came in #2.
        his foxhole still creams at that.
        his movies need to start coming in 9 for him to get the picture.

        BUT he has those church birds votes every time his bs comes out so he is riding that wave until then.

      2. the side attraction while watching the movie is which actor was getting personal instruction from TP while filming it.

        1. all of em!

          tyler perry doesn’t fool me one bit @third
          if you think it is ironic he only casts good looking men in his movies,
          then people are just as delusional as his stans.

    2. Go figure …. the theater closest to New Birth Baptist Church sold out every show ! 🙂

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