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I’m known to walk alone
But I’m alone for a reason” – Beyonce, Upgrade U

I was on Twitter earlier and I noticed a friend of mine was Mr. Popularity.
I checked out some of his friends and they were all sexy.
He doesn’t live in The Concrete Forest,
I can’t exactly chill with him and see what’s good.
He knows all the “discreet” dudes who run within this lifestyle.
Which probably opens up doors for him to meet new Wolves.
So is that the secret?….
Is it easier than it looks?
Meet some Foxes and then go hoin’ for Wolves?
Or, meet one Fox who may know another who may know a potential Wolf?
But the real question, is how do you go about meeting these Foxes to begin with?
BGC? A4A? M4N?

I noticed that some Foxes are really trife and will try to sabotage your whole situation.
Even though we are men, alot of these dudes act like straight up females.
You go meet the Wolf of Dreams and these same Foxes can become Vixens.
Since I’m not really into this lifestyle like others,
is it better to just be on your own and be a mystery?
What if you do not trust people?
Should you just drop all your walls and let bygones be bygones?
If life it is all about social networking…
And your means of meeting Wolves is all about showing your face in various places…
Even though you can’t properly define your privacy settings and block certain people….

How can we get over 1,000 friends in real life?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “Click Here To Add As Friend”

  1. Its definitely more desirable to roll solo. Guys who run in cliques are typically a turn off. Think about it, who are you going to be more curious about the guy with 5 other dudes or the dude chillin in the cut alone with his hat low?

  2. I agree with you Jamari, So true. Someone who thinks like i think FINALLY! Thats why i do everything by myself. It would be nice to have a few fellow foxes to help you out. Until i find some its me myself and I.

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