The Old Spice Dude Could F Me Entirely Stupid

I mean, I saw a glimpse of it on the commercials…
and I saw Wolves talking about it…
But this right here….


No wonder Tyler casted him in the movie.
Since I feel Tyler is a raging FOX,
I hope he was getting some good peen in-between takes.

Lord knows I’d be all over him in my trailer.



He is just a big ol mountain of a negro, ain’t he?
He use to play in the NFL.
I have a type.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “The Old Spice Dude Could F Me Entirely Stupid”

  1. He’s got the body, the tattoos (inked sporadically, not those stupid all-over tattoos like Wiz and Chris Brown), and he used to play in the NFL (but mostly rode the bench). Sounds like perfect wolf material. Unfortunately, I heard he only has eyes for white Vixens.

    1. damn rashad.
      i knew i liked you.
      already got the info in a nice pre-packaged envelope.

      …and he will have to turn his eye sight towards this fox.
      i could use the exercise climbing that mountain.

  2. Is he really that tall, or is Bow-Wow that short? I’m guessing Isaiah is about 6′ tall or so…he’s a cutie

  3. I saw “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” and vowed never to see another Madea movie. I broke that promise and regrettably saw “Madea Goes To Jail.” I have since vowed and re-affirmed that I will not go back to that well again. Horrible schlock moviemaking that does nothing for the race. Am embarrassment.

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