TYGA Has Street Cred?


for all those who wanted to have a certain fantasy of tyga,
don’t watch this…




that was awkward af.
i swear the whole ymcmb is on front street.

lowkey: he always gave me sexy girlfriend.
game and breezy wolf rock with him heavy.
that’s all i’ll say about that.

6 thoughts on “TYGA Has Street Cred?

    1. Yea I think he’s a fox. Tyga is the type of dude that if you say all the right things to him you might get some. I bet he could be talked into anything.

  1. He is the fox that you think is cute but not the brightest crayon in the box. I won’t stick my dick in him.

    He (along with Drake) are pawns for YMCMB

  2. He’s not the brightest bulb obviously. I knew that after he impregnated Blac Chyna. He still cute though so I would holla at him lol.

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