i remember when he first came on the scene,
i thought he was the sexiest wolf i ever saw.
i bought his album too lol.
his voice is sexy AF.
so are his lips.
i feel he has some kind of voodoo in his pipe.
although he fucks some of the baddest vixens,
i always wondered why his career didn’t pop off like others.

this is a solo challenge on this rapper…



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “LAY DOWN SOME RUBBER: (58)”

  1. Oooooooooh no. I used to LOVE Joe Budden. I wanted him to win SO bad but I had a girlfriend who ‘dated’ him and those rumors about him being crazy and a wife beater is TRUE.

    Do you remember that story about his girl miscarriage and how he was responsible for it? Not sure if that was true but it’s foul.

    Dude is looney man. I don’ do crazy dick….NO MA’AM! NO SIR!

    1. “Pray that she abort that, If she’s talkin’ ’bout keepin’ it / One hit to the stomach, She’s leakin’ it,”

      His remix to Usher “Confessions”

      so ya this even before he was with Esther Baxter

  2. That last pic of him gave me goosebumps. He’s a very good looking man. That attitude of his turns me off, but I’ve heard the rumors so I’d lay it on him. I would get up and go afterwards though.

  3. That last pic is of Joey back in the day when he was poppin’. That’s when I fell in love… I used to date a nigga because he reminded me of Joey… SMH. So young and dumb

  4. Hes my NYC thug fantasy. Not really husband material but hes around and you go places together sometimes and he tells you about his crazy mishaps and talks on his phone a lot about stuff you dont really understand but he always makes sure you’re “iight.”

  5. I would definitely do some things with Joey. His face and voice alone are irresistible. I have heard that he is crazy, but since I don’t do d!ck, I should be good, right? lol

    1. Thank You tajan, I’ve been looking for that since this morning. I’m a lil disappointed because I expected more from him for some reason. Everybody was saying he was soft. GTFOH. That’s a semi-hard dick. Oh, but I would still get down with him, that’s not what I want anyway. I’m trying to find out what he looks like from the back.

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