am i the only one who thinks malcolm drummer is everything?

*the following entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

i’m just gonna font it:

Malcolm Drummer is sexy AF to me

he was a huge cock tease too.
i was asking myself how long is gonna keep his penis head hidden in drawz?
when he debuted that beautiful penis

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flashman wade is a catfish nightmare

folks still catfish nowadays?
i never understood how that is still going on in with “facetime”.
video dms.
well foxhole fav,
flashman wade,
was on television recently.
mtv’s “catfish”.
a vix-bi sent me the video of him confronting his catfish.
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so i watched the 2018 mtv vmas, where madonna paid tribute to herself, and well…

ya know,
i sent in request emails for me to attend the mtv vmas this years.
since it was in new yawk at radio city,
i wanted to go and give a review of my evening.
well i ended up getting no response.
after watching tonight’s broadcast tho…

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How To Be “Straight” and “Gay” At The Same Time

giphy-92well ^this straight snow wolf is doing it.
look at that perfected arch.
remember ( x this interview ) i did a while ago?
well mtv is going to dive into the world of “gay for pay” for an upcoming “true life” episode.
a world that jamari fox doesn’t really understand,
but goes along with it anyway.
an f-bi sent me this trailer for review…
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Ashley Cain Leakage (Naked and Getting Some)

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 9.52.36 PMso remember ( x ashley cain ) from yesterday’s entry?
well one of the f-bi sent me a video of him just now.
he is/was on an mtv show and of course,
they show him naked and getting some from some vixen.
the following is of course nsfw,
and kinda not for straight eyes unless curious…
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MEAT: (640)

tumblr_nmlytyVw9B1qjl96uo1_500i’m not even gonna front.
my wolf is going to get exploited for my personal pleasure.
like i want him to just take his clothes off just because.

“i just want to look at you”

i mean why spend all that time in the gym if i can’t play with you?
well whoever is behind the camera of these shots…
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