How To Be “Straight” and “Gay” At The Same Time

giphy-92well ^this straight snow wolf is doing it.
look at that perfected arch.
remember ( x this interview ) i did a while ago?
well mtv is going to dive into the world of “gay for pay” for an upcoming “true life” episode.
a world that jamari fox doesn’t really understand,
but goes along with it anyway.
an f-bi sent me this trailer for review…

i wonder if i have watched their movies.
you know.
for “educational purposes”.
how that snow bunny don’t know her boyfriend in gay porn,
but yusaf mack got caught the fuck up?
he got a big online following and all.
how does that happen b?

anyway i am very interested in watching that episode.
i have so many questions

how do you get it up for the same sex?
how does one get penetrated,
yet still claim “straight”?
how do you perform well with a guy like you would a vixen?
are you really just “bisexual”?

i feel like there has to be some attraction to even do this.
even when i hear the casting couch stories.
how does one bend over an r ‘n’ b “straight” wolf,
get all up in his tail,
and that same wolf still be considered “straight”?



















oh dear.
i think i said too much.

tumblr_ny8ulnXn2h1qhzi2jo2_250i guess when money is tough,
or a career needs to be born,
some are willing to do whatever.
i want my next interview to be with a wolf who is straight,
but does “gay for pay”.
i have so much questions for him.
that episode of true life,
“i’m a gay for pay porn star”,
hits your screen next year.

lowkey: you want the names of these two?

x vadim black
x sean (of sean cody)

don’t say i didn’t give you nothing.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

49 thoughts on “How To Be “Straight” and “Gay” At The Same Time”

  1. I definitely will be watching this cause I wanna see the girlfriend reactions. In my honest, honest opinion I don’t believe that phrase “gay for pay” because you can easily become a str8 porn star than a gay one. To me it’s denial just like the DL men who think as long they don’t love men, then they are str8….. Bitch please.

      1. They did, but I heard the income ain’t coming like it use to, now that we have myvidster, vines, and other free porns, the production is making less money now. It kinda obvious too cause did you see their apartments? There’s barely nothing and the second porn star have one of those fold up beds.


      2. And before y’all say “Oh they are guys. They are not into decor n such” Ummm the beds have floral and animal prints which is a clear indication that their girlfriends are living with them. So, ummmm, yea gay porn pay what now?

      3. Amateur porn is 10x better cause at least it’s real and more nasty. In professional porn, you don’t see any booty juice and all the guys say “Ooooh damn, yes, fuck me, daddy, give it to me harder”. In amateur porn, nobody got time to be remembering lines and pretending it’s hurt when your face got no reaction.

  2. I heard a really good explanation once. These people consider themselves straight because they choose to be in a relationships with only vixens, they’ll have sex with either.

    There are some CRAZY stories out there though. You have to get the details on it! I heard some guys bottom because they don’t have to keep it up. When topping it can take multiple takes and the guy has to view women to get it up. 👀👀🙈

  3. Sooo…does his girl even wonder why the cameras are following him around?

    Does she intend to watch the premiere of his show on MTV?
    Something doesn’t really add up here for me.

  4. I heard about this mtv episode a few days ago and rolled my eyes. Both of these guys haven’t been in the game for very long. The one with the dark hair in the gif had gained fame pretty fast because of his looks but he has said some homophobic and racist things recently.

    The other guy is on the popular white gay porn site Sean Cody, I think his name is Sean on there I think. (He’s not as popular as their big time guy Brandon , but he does ok).

    I fear that MTV will somehow show tho topic in a homophobic way, idk. I wasn’t too impressed when Tyra had it on her show years ago, I didn’t feel like enough to information was displayed. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    P.S. If you do get to interview a gay for pay porn actor i hope it’s a sexy one. Like Sarge, Python, King, or Phat Daddy to name a few 😜

      1. ^Yep, sadly all of the ones I named identity as straight, most of them have wives and girlfriends.

        And as for homeboy , he can be homophobic and get smashed because the company he works for and his gay fans pump his head up. These gay porn companies will pay more money to the gay for pay actor than the actual gay one because there is more of a demand for it.

        Most (not all) of the time the super macsculine, Ulta good looking ones are straight guys looking for a check.

      2. Sarge has retired and is engaged to a woman. Python has a girlfriend and a son in his teens I believe. His girlfriend is well aware of his port acting career. Which only happens on film. But I believe it may have started in jail. King has kinda disappeared.

      3. I believe in this phenomenon. At Floopy Rooster in Miami I have seen the likes of Castro for example strip with a hard on naked on stage. I bought a girlfriend of mine to tag along to the strip club and we saw this dominican dude sexy with a big dick on stage and he saw her and asked for her digit. However my private session with that dude different. Dude was small and limp.

        Also, I experience the same thing with other performer on other occasions. In that social experiment with my girlfriend she ended up getting so many digits from other performers which had me thinking the majority of these guys are not gay. As much as we like to think, its just to impress for the moment. Oh yeah, Castro was so big that thing looks like a salami.

  5. I heard once that the the guys use supplements and even some sort of needle that they inject near or on their shaft with a substance that allows them to stay hard for a long time. All of a sudden,he doesnt need to be attracted to his partner to keep it up.

    Still not sure if I totally believe in gay for pay, but in some cases I think there are arguments for it.
    It is weird though.

  6. If a gay guy can” get it up” to have sex with a woman who they are not sexually attracted to than a straight man can” get it up” to have sex with a man.Millions of gay men (who are pretending to be straight) are currently having sex with women without even getting paid for it.

    1. ^i love how yc comes through with the knowledge.
      that actually makes a lot of sense as well.
      wouldn’t they be considered bisexual?
      which also proves bisexuality does exist…

      1. Well I wasn’t talking about bisexual guys who are also attracted to women.I was talking about gay men who are still in the closet who have married women but who are sexually attracted to men.Throughout the world but especially in countries where you can be jailed or killed for being gay.So they marry women,they have sex with women ,they have kids,etc but they are gay.They are physically able to do it.Most of them do it their entire adult lives.

  7. They even have “head doctors” on set to keep them erect. Basically grade A dicksuckers that will kee you on brick between takes.

    These white porn companies have all types of drugs and tricks to produce their films.

    Look, I used to be a prude but imagine getting paid a grand or two just to let someone suck your dick? Shit that’s easy money.

  8. Well I do believe that guys can be gay 4 pay, though I a good majority of guys who do it are just bi and lean moreso to the straight side (but still bi). Gotta admit didn’t know about all these ways that the studios get guys hard (I’m learning right there with you J!).

    But as far as the mentality of it all, somebody broke it down for me real simple in terms of the music business. When you take a man who hasn’t had much money and tell him that you will give him a once in a lifetime opportunity to make stacks if he just bends over it’s pretty compelling for someone who really wants/needs the money. Now apply that same mindsets (albeit on a smaller scale) to a guy that needs money to support his kids, spouse, parents, pay a mortgage, loans, credit card, etc.

    Perhaps they’re thinking that they won’t be found out b/c who hears about gay pornstars except for ppl who are into gay porn? Maybe they’re thinking that the only way for a man to truly make it in the porn industry is in gay porn. Normally in straight porn the women are emphasized on with the males only prominently mentioned if they are already established. Perhaps in some circumstances, they will believe that studio is willing to pay more b/c they are straight or can promote that they “flipped a straight guy”. Idk exactly but I’m interested in what you guys think.

    1. Remember Byron Long started out doing gay porn; said he needed the money & wanted to break into the business. He only did one film and the scene wasn’t all that because his dick wasn’t as hard as it could have been.
      One the other side, we have Andre Bolla who started off doing str8 porn and then ventured in the gay realm. Sarge did a threescore scene with Thugnificent and this chick and I must say Sarge was turning it….fucked that girl down!! Even while Thugnificent was trying to fucked him.

      1. On the other side Ace Rockwood is Gay yet he does straight PORN under the name of John Johnson.I saw an interview on YouTube where he says he is gay not bisexual.

      2. What incentive would he have to do straight porn? I wouldn’t assume he got more money from a straight scene? Or did he?

      3. I don’t know why he switched from doing gay porn to straight porn.I saw one of his straight porn scenes he looked bored.He didn’t kiss her like he used to kiss guys when he did gay porn

  9. i think gay for pay is very real, as I get older and study actual sexuality, I see that some of my thinking on the matter was way off. When money is involved, many a dude will do something strange for a piece of change. I think it is a difference between loving a man and loving having sex with another man. Some dudes can get turned out by a set of strong jaws and a tight asshole but never will commit to another dude or wanna live a gay lifestyle. Sex is just sex at the end of the day if there are no emotions attached to it. I have been with a few dudes who were thugs and had girlfriends but like to freak as they call it with another dude. These dudes never led me on thinking it was going to be anything other than sex. I have had some emotional connections with straight dudes that were stronger than they had with their girlfriends but they never expressed an interest in sex with me. If we subscribed to the philosophy that ever man who has a sexual act with another man is gay, we also have to subscribe to the notion, that if I have sex with a woman, I can now call myself straight. I have had many opportunities to sleep with women but I choose not too, although to be honest a good friend is trying to hook me up with a chick right now, he knows the deal about me and even told her. He showed her my pic and she is still down and I am seriously thinking of hooking up, its been a long time but hey I still got a few tricks left LMAO. She is pretty, has a good high paying job and is looking for companionship, will that make me Straight for Pay LOL!

    In the end we cant dictate or label someone, if they think they are straight, then we got to respect it and keep it moving. How many times have someone told you when they found out you were gay that no you couldn’t be gay, your too cute, too masculine etc and found it hard to believe even when you confirmed it. I guess it is only women who get passes to go back to being heterosexual when they take a dip in the Lady Pool. Men are forever labeled.

    1. ^This! I have had this same opinion for some time now but I guess that I couldn’t get the message out, so thank you for putting down my exact thoughts as you so often do. Yes many ppl can do the deed without a connection, some ppl just need a little stimulation down there and they will be good to go, regardless of who is giving it. But will they spoon with the person afterwards, go on a date in public, snuggle up with them on the couch? Hell no. The act itself is gay no question there but the person might not be, just like donating to charity is a good act, but that alone does not make one a good person. Maybe b/c so many ppl find it more taboo for a man to be with a man (probably b/c their may be actual penetration involved) that ppl will automatically say that he must be gay. But I have come to realize that when money and fame is involved many ppl will do practically anything. That is why I mentioned above that when a man is trying to figure out how he is gonna pay for whatever, this line of work becomes a viable option to some.

    2. Yesss..on everything you said..especially that last paragraph…I hate double standards…it’s prevalent in communities of color!!

  10. This is from chad hunt a gay 4 pay actor who is now gay One of the things that is different now, is the internet wasn’t the huge thing it is now. And there’s so much internet controversy each week in our comments section about porn stars who are bi or gay-for-pay. You were openly bisexual but you were the most popular gay porn star for close to eight years. People don’t remember that in this past era, people didn’t know everybody’s true sexuality all the time.

    Here’s what I have to say to that. I don’t know if you recall but not very long ago, I got in a Twitter battle with Spencer Reed. Spencer Reed is one of those boys who don’t remember where he came from. When he first got into the industry, he was a very skinny little twinky boy and not the muscled-out, steroided guy that he is today. For him to say, “What’s with all these twinky boys getting jobs?” It’s like, Spencer, not very long ago, that was you. Quite frankly, for a lot of these boys who say that, that was them. For instance, for me, the gay-for-pay boys, a lot of the times that is the way for a boy eventually come out. Let’s go with Brad Star. Brad Star was straight, and now he’s gay. Let’s go with Nash Lawler. Let’s go with Phenix Saint. Let’s go with Clay Maverick. The list goes on and on. Boys who I personally know were straight when they got into the industry but realized maybe they weren’t quite as straight as they thought they were. I was always one of the guys on sets that straight boys would gravitate to, I think partly because they knew that I was married and had a kid. So I could relate to them. There were plenty of so-called straight boys who off-camera would be in my room. I think these gay boys need to sit back and remember that it might have been five or ten years ago, but a lot of them were probably in that situation where they didn’t know and they found an outlet that brought them out. For a lot of people, gay porn is the outlet that brings them out. Are there boys who are — I would never call themselves straight, they can call themselves straight all they want. Quite frankly, they’re not straight, they’re bisexual, whether you want to admit that or not is completely up to you. But you are. If you can get it up and maintain it, you’re bisexual. I even hate using those terms because to me there’s no such thing as someone who’s straight, someone who’s gay, someone who’s bi. Given different circumstances, sexuality is fluid. You may be 65 percent straight but there’s 35 percent of you that’s gay. You may be 90 percent straight, but there’s that 10 percent that given the circumstances that’s gay.

  11. I am an openly gay man….If I had sex with a woman, does that make me bisexual? Not necessarily…many gay men have been in marriages where they only married fish for societal reasons, had children by fish, and lived their entire lives knowing they weren’t sexually attracted to fish…I don’t see why “gay for pay” is much different…we are trained to think of homosexuality as a mental virus…that if you are in any way exposed to it, they must be “infected”….not true….sexuality is much more fluid than we give it credit for…..

  12. I don’t agree a man has to be bisexual if he can ” get it up” with a man.If that is the case does a man have to be bisexual to ” get it up” with a woman? The brain is the most important sex organ.You can fantasize about one person while having sex with another person.People are confusing sexual behavior or sexual acts with sexual orientation.They are not the same .There are many gay men who have never engaged in gay sex or who no longer engage in gay sex.They are still gay.A gay virgin is still gay.A gay celibate guy is still gay.It is not about sex.
    I was straight before I ever had sex.I will be straight if I never have sex again.I believe if I was trapped on an island with no men.I would still be attracted to men.Although after a period of time I might have sex with a woman (situational homosexuality).But once those male rescuers landed on that island,they better watch out…😀

    1. i LOVE you you’re speaking the truth Queen YESSS..everything you’re saying is what i was feeing…Sexuality isn’t black or white and it’s much deeper than what it seems….

  13. Well…I don’t know about this one. However, after doing the acts for a while, I do not understand how he would not enjoy it, but I like men so I guess I am biased lol.

  14. “like, i feel like there has to be some attraction to even do this.”

    Yeah, money. It hard out in these streets right now, and, as always, cash is king. Same thing with the R&B/Rappers. “You mean in order for me to be worth several million dollars, all I gotta do is let you slam into me?”

    That’s a no brainer.

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