My Stripper Name Would Be “Booty Booty Foxi Cheeks”

tumblr_m3oks364ra1r8dy8go1_500“yo you busy?”

my straight wolf friend had some time to burn before his meeting.
he texted me earlier to see if he could come through.
i was in the middle of making breakfast so i said why not?
when he arrived,
i threw on another omlettes and turned on love and hiphop atl.
i missed all the ratchetness last night so i needed to catch up.
as we ate the omelets i prepared,
he asked me an interesting question…

“have you ever thought of being a stripper?”

tumblr_mn2n2odpko1qhzi2jo2_250i mean,
i answered honestly:


i knew i would never go through with it tho.
you know like sky diving or eating escargot.
i only strip in private.
it was only that random “would you do it” thoughts i tend to have.

“why didn’t you?”
“i dunno…”

very random indeed.
a little too random.
side eye worthy actually.
he coulda been just asking.
i did tell him about me and he is pretty comfortable in his sexuality.
i wanted a career where i would be taken seriously.
“i was here” and not “bands make him dance”.

tumblr_mn2vvixADN1qcwgrvo6_250i’m not about that pole life.
shit i had to wonder if i could make enough tips to pay off my irs bill?

lowkey: k michelle was all the way messy in next week’s preview.
i hope she isn’t “one of those” vixens.
the ones who think because they got a “mouth”,
they can say whatever they want.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “My Stripper Name Would Be “Booty Booty Foxi Cheeks””

  1. Jamari, to me stripping is harder cause its completely one sided. You are Meat waiting to be devoured, but like go-go dancing on bar is better cuz you get tips but its moreso about interaction with the audience, and if you take a shot of three of tequila all you do is smile n shake and drop and pop. Ijs not that I’ve been any of these activities *smiles super hard*

  2. I thought I was the only one who gets asked that question. Except I get asked that question on the regular. lol
    Anyone who knows me knows that I want to be a stripper or pornstar. I have a name and everything…lmao! It’s a great college hustle. I kid…I kid. lmao!

  3. Male strippers are hilarious and arousing at the same time, especially the black ones and the costumes they were. lawd. Jamari, get yo ass on that pole and make it clap *throws $20s*

  4. He is comfortable with his sexuality aka 2 weeks/months/whatever else from now he’ll be telling you he wants to “try” then next thing he’s a dick fiend then 3 months down the line he’s the flaming queen

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