WOLF MEAT: (452)

you ever overslept and miss breakfast?
so you look in the fridge for something to eat…
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Tears of a Hungry Clown

tumblr_lvqcuaLItY1qk6bpjo1_500it pays to have good friends in your life.
these are the people who make me go on,
even when i feel like giving up.
so this morning,
half asleep,
karaoke texted me asking me to do her a favor.
she wanted my cable info to watch a show on her computer.
since she is one of my closest friends that i trust,
i said why not?
one thing about karaoke is she cooks really good.
her family makes the best food.
she always sends me pictures of food she makes.
well i’m no where close to florida to get some food,
and i was stupid hungry,

so i texted jokingly…
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Usher Wants To Know How You Want Your Eggs? (Fertilized)

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 9.25.34 PMusher is such a dilf.
can we call wolves “dilfs”?
well hell…
we callin’ him a dilf here.

so usher won a bet and had to pay up.
if his team member on the voice,
josh kauffman,
won for the season.
so what was the bet?
well usher said he would cook breakfast in his underwear.
well what a coinky dink.
i me my foxhole we was hungry too…
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WOLF MEAT: (359)

5625813053_6b51b34373_owolves and hybrids.
would you rather have my warm home cooked breakfast or…
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WOLF MEAT: (353)

poached-eggs-on-potato-hash-rszdwhats that smell?
well he’s a special cooking breakfast for you…
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A Complete Breakfast With A Side of Foxi Quotes!

tumblr_mdhpy23B1d1rq81j2o1_500doesnt that look delish?
i should head my ass down to ihop.
in between blessings (as i like to call it) right now.
so i saw these power quotes i wanted to share with the foxhole.
i gotta keep you motivated as well as myself.
dig in…
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