Usher Wants To Know How You Want Your Eggs? (Fertilized)

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 9.25.34 PMusher is such a dilf.
can we call wolves “dilfs”?
well hell…
we callin’ him a dilf here.

so usher won a bet and had to pay up.
if his team member on the voice,
josh kauffman,
won for the season.
so what was the bet?
well usher said he would cook breakfast in his underwear.
well what a coinky dink.
i me my foxhole we was hungry too…

i think i’m more interested in the raw sausage.deepthroat_549bb2_480129-1…i meant the sausage in the fridge!
not his drawz!
i’m actually hungry for breakfast food.
what kind of fox do you think i am?

lowkey: i reallllllllllllllly like his new song,
“good kisser”.

i’d like to put a good kiss on his raw sausage.
by sausage,
i mean the one in the fridge.

taken from his: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Usher Wants To Know How You Want Your Eggs? (Fertilized)”

  1. Damn Usher, you got it going on man. I wonder if he would let me hit? Y’all know he is a lil freak on the low.

  2. Yes dilfs are a thing. Str8 dudes call every woman with kids a milf, even if she’s a yuck-mouth crackhead.

    I still remember seeing Usher’s pubes. I was so turned on. I wasn’t the only one that noticed tho, because the next time I saw it, his pubes were censored. Everybody was like “What do they have blocked out, was his dick showing.” I was like “No, his pubic hair was showing.”

    Of course I had to backtrack so they wouldn’t suspect a certain something about me. đŸ˜‰

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