How “Smart” is Your Smartphone?

SMARTPHONEeveryone should have a smartphone nowadays.
i was surprised people only used their smartphones to:
make porno flicks,
watch porno flicks,
send dick/ass pics,
listen to music,
and play games.
you have this 700 dollar smartphone and you use it for basic shit?
that’s it?
nothing else?
siri and i be on some new new shit.
if people knew how to use their phones,
and realized it could help them enhance their lives,
they would be in a much better place.
so this is why i give my foxhole the power when i find out something amazing.
everyone else can burn.
after the last entry on me getting a credit card,
i wanted to update my people on great apps for your finances.
here goes…


so mint is an app that ive been using for a while.
it basically allows you to make a budget for all your monthly bills.
once you do that,
it will let you know when you go over budget and how much you have left to spend.
it also allows you to make personal goals as well.
so if you want to go on a trip,
it will tell you how much you need to save every week or month to get there.

( x learn more about mint here )


this app allows you to manually enter all your bills and lets you know when they are due.
you can set it to send you personal notifications every five,
or ten days before your bills are due.
i personally like the calender feature within the app.
it lets me see when my bills are due and how much they all in a lump sum.
as i pay the bills,
the amount goes down.
this is how i know what to spend when i’m shopping.
for important bills,
i like to manually go into the app to clear it.
bills that come out my account automatically i set to “auto clear”.

( x learn more about billminder here )

everyone should have their bank/credit card apps on their phones.
no excuses.
you should be able to sign in and see whats going on within your account.
they always give you notifications when you are low on funds as well.
they also have atm locators for when you need money fast.
you don’t know how much times i was in the city and needed gps to an atm.

( go to your phone app store and download now )


billguard lets you know when you have fraudulent charges on your account.
in a world where its easy for someone to steal your account info,
this is almost imperative to have.
this app scans your account every month and if it finds anything you’ve been overcharged for,
or even a pointless charge within your account,
it will personally have the vendor reimburse your money.
what i like is that it shows you a list of what you have spent and asks if the amount was correct.
it is actually a really good app to have.
sometimes we don’t notice we paid more than we should.

( x learn more about billguard here )


with this app,
you can scan all your cards in your wallet onto your phone.
if you ever leave your wallet at home,
you can open the app and use the bar code feature of your scanned card.
it helps with other cards for movies or stores.
also if you ever lose your wallet,
you can call them and they will cancel all your cards for you.
not alot of people dig this app,
but i do because you just never know.

( x learn more about lifelock here )


this is for my iphone foxhole.
movie passes.
gift cards.
airplane tickets.
target coupons.
starbucks card.
concert tickets.
hotel keys.
 hand your phone,
and #boom.
when i was going to florida,
my ticket was on my phone.
it made that whole check in easier.

( x learn more about passbook here )

89c4417c-1484-4790-b795-9a58d84dc1f1tip calculator apps

it is important is giving a good tip.
should i give enough?
should i give a little?
was the service bad?
was it good?
so what i did,
i went in my app store and found a good free tip calculator app.
it asks me how much people ate with me and if i thought the service was bad,
or great.
it then it calculates a proper tip to give.
the one i have is called “tip calculator”,
but find one that’s right for you.

…and thats it!

these are just some i use and always looking for others.
if you have any great ones,
please list in the comments.
sharing is caring!


9 thoughts on “How “Smart” is Your Smartphone?

  1. Thanks Jamari. A while ago you put us up on the transit app this give train and bus times it is very useful. I have most of the above except the life lock. I’m going to download that one, it has peaked my curiosity.

    1. ^you are welcome Z!
      thank you adam also for those apps.
      you know I downloaded like 3 already.
      im all about a good app for fox world domination lol

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