imagine getting peed and shitted on by someone off grindr?

it sounds like a night after eating a whole edible,
but i’m not talking about some extra freaky shit that we end up taking to our graves.
i’m talking about being robbed and humiliated by a straight hyena.
in 2017,
four straight hyenas were robbing and disrespecting gay males off grindr in texas.
the last one had his day in court and via “advocate“…

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Your Instagramification Is Ruining You

instagramification – the desire of putting all of YOU on social media.
we know everything about you,
but we never met you a day in our lives.

new foxhole term.
yeah so your interest is dying due to all your social media apps.

for someone like me,
i don’t even want to look at your insta-snaps.
that will further put the nail in the coffin of my interest of you.
jamari fox is here to help you.
i’ll always look out for the foxhole.
i’ll give you two and save the rest for another time.
i can’t give you everything….

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Apps For The “This Pineapple Trippin” Escape Plan

it’s not what your cell phone is,
it’s what you use it for.
i love my iphone,
but if you have a android,
then you should love that muthafucka.
so yesterday,
we ( x talked about that attentionista ) who was allegedly stranded in oregon.
she was a whole dumb ass,
but it really reinforced that being in the foxhole breeds a completely different animal.
listen i’m all for being ratchet,
but be ratchet and not a whole dumb ass.
so i mentioned in the entry the apps i have on my phone.
since i don’t have a car,
these apps are great for big cities with transit.
they are even better when you’re in a forest you ain’t never been before.
my “this pineapple trippin” escape plan apps.
i decided to break down my uses for them for foxhole review
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How “Smart” is Your Smartphone?

SMARTPHONEeveryone should have a smartphone nowadays.
i was surprised people only used their smartphones to:
make porno flicks,
watch porno flicks,
send dick/ass pics,
listen to music,
and play games.
you have this 700 dollar smartphone and you use it for basic shit?
that’s it?
nothing else?
siri and i be on some new new shit.
if people knew how to use their phones,
and realized it could help them enhance their lives,
they would be in a much better place.
so this is why i give my foxhole the power when i find out something amazing.
everyone else can burn.
after the last entry on me getting a credit card,
i wanted to update my people on great apps for your finances.
here goes…
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The Fox Box (7/28)

i have some special deliveries this week.
some that i am sure you will like.
in typical fox fashion…
i will give you a few goodies on what is new, hot, and what you should buy.
so cum take a peek inside my box

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