Apps For The “This Pineapple Trippin” Escape Plan

it’s not what your cell phone is,
it’s what you use it for.
i love my iphone,
but if you have a android,
then you should love that muthafucka.
so yesterday,
we ( x talked about that attentionista ) who was allegedly stranded in oregon.
she was a whole dumb ass,
but it really reinforced that being in the foxhole breeds a completely different animal.
listen i’m all for being ratchet,
but be ratchet and not a whole dumb ass.
so i mentioned in the entry the apps i have on my phone.
since i don’t have a car,
these apps are great for big cities with transit.
they are even better when you’re in a forest you ain’t never been before.
my “this pineapple trippin” escape plan apps.
i decided to break down my uses for them for foxhole review


you would have to stand on the corner and stick your thigh meat out.
now you press a button and a cab will be waiting for you outside.
everyone should have at least one or the other on their phone.
i recently started getting into uberpool and lyft line.
that’s when you share a ride with others.
it’s usually cheaper.
we gonna have to talk about the meat that have been in my uberpools in a future entry.

google maps

even in the city,
going places i don’t know,
i use those apps.
sometimes i’ll use apple maps,
but i feel google maps is a superior app.
i like to know how far the nearest train station is,
 how much it would take a lyft or uber,
and how long it would take to get me home if i decided to dip.
citymapper is a little more complex,
but i keep it in my “just in case” files.
sometimes the various map apps each miss things so it’s good to have each in your phone.


these are good if you need a flight out without going on your computer.
you should at least sign up for an airline app and their rewards points.
as soon as you log in,
you can look for flight information at the touch of a button.
so if you’re out of state and in a sketchy situation,
you can have your flight booked,
map to the nearest airport,
uber/lyft cab on the way.
see how that all works?

hotel tonight

the pretty vixen introduced me to this app.
you can get a discounted rate at a nice hotel.
you can get a room that is usually 175 a night for like 99.
so if you are ever stranded in a city you don’t know,
hop on that app and at least have somewhere to stay as you pre-game the next move.
it’s also good if you want to fuck and don’t want to bring whoever to your spot.
download the cash/venmo/paypal app and they can send you half of the bill.
or the whole bill.
i mean,
i am giving him my foxhole to feast on.
the least the wolf could do is pay for the condoms and room.


all cash apps you should have so if you’re ever in a pickle,
your family or friends people can send you money on the asap.
they are all free.
back in a time i don’t know how everyone functioned,
it would take days to received money wired to you.
with the wonders that is technology,
it takes seconds to get money into your account.

being a fox/hybrid/and wolf is a lifestyle.
by your comments,
i know each and every one of you are smart af.
wear it as badge of honor.
your phone is not just something you send nudes with or be on jack’d all day.
every animal in the animal kingdom is always on protective mode.
with technology,
we should never be in a situation we don’t like.
i’m the type to be up and out if i’m uncomfortable.
i’m never at the mercy of some wolf.
he paid my way so i have to obey?
the fuck?
he thinks i’m in the bathroom,
but i’m on the way to the airport/train/magic carpet.

i don’t play those type of games.
so check those apps out and up your foxhole lifestyle!


8 thoughts on “Apps For The “This Pineapple Trippin” Escape Plan

  1. I do like these informative posts. They come with explanations and great mini anecdotes. Feels like a get to know Jamari a little better- travel edition

  2. Yes thanks, for sharing Jamari. I can’t wait to hear about the wolves in your uberpool lol, maybe you can slide one of them your number and use the other app hotel tonight, and get some good you know what.

  3. We need to send this link to Noel so the next time she flies out to fuck some athlete, she’ll be able to get home 😂

    I do enjoy traveling so these apps will certainly come in handy. Thanks J!

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