the bugs may get you

if you look closely,
you’ll always find a lesson in something.
these days,
my job teaches me so much of not WHAT to do.
they love to drive folks crazy putting out fires that ain’t even happen yet.
i’m learning what it means to be uptight and high-strung.
i’ve noticed my mood has been all outta wack because of my frustration.
it has made me become pessimistic and angry all the fuckin’ time.
they remind me of how “putting out potential firesmy late mother was.
my mother was notorious for worrying about shit that ain’t happen.
i worked really hard to get outta that mentality and my boss is like that.

I don’t fuck with that at all

i’m on this new path to being more laid back and chill about shit.
so i caught myself being nervous and putting out a fire about bugs…

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when the world finds out you might like gay sex on live tv

i don’t know if andriod does this,
but on my iphone,
i use to keep all my “sketch” apps in a folder labelled:


that’s where i put that pesky “stock” app…

…but i don’t really have “sketch” apps on my phone nowadays.
(i showed you what’s on my iphone: x here)
ain’t nothing worst than getting caught up because of your phone.
how about getting caught up because of what’s on your phone…
on live tv?

this reporter may have accidentally let the world know his secret
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When You Realize You Have Moronic Tendencies (Privacy Issues)

i do stupid things.

i can be the first to admit it.
in this instance,
i’ve been doing 3 years of stupid things.
so i been rocking with iphones since the 4.
i could have waited for the 4s,
when suri was introduced,
but i was od ready to leave blackberry with the track sneakers.
once the screens started getting “retina” advanced,
that means they were “easily cracked”,
a screen protector was much needed.
i can be clumsy af and i hate seeing cracked phone screens.
not only would i always put a screen protector on my phone…

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A Ballistic Missile Threat Was What Woke Up Hawaii This Morning

imagine sitting,
or laying around,
and your phone going off this morning.
you’re in the middle of paradise and you get this:

up and fuckin’ at em.
you’re on an island with no place else to go.
that’s the message the good folks in hawaii got today.
the “ny post” has more details
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Cum On In (Taking You Real Deep Into My Phone)

i’m always fascinated by what folks have on their phones.
i’ll admit i’m nosy.
i was on youtube the other day,
looking at iphone x videos,
and came across videos “whats on my iphone x”:

i found it interesting.
i’m nosy.
so i wanted to share with the foxhole what’s on my phone

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An iPhone Was Rebuilt On The 4th (Again)

*today started out so annoying.
i had no plans for the 4th anyway.
i’ve kinda cut myself off due to all my employment issues.

so my iPhone has been acting up.
heavy and disrespectful like.
the battery literally drains by the second.
i can be on my phone for a little bit and i’m down almost 20%.
it never did that before.
not to mention it gets warm on some completely random shit.
after that last update,
it’s like all hell broke loose.
whats up?
so i was all expecting either a new battery or whole new phone.
the latter actually.
well the apple store told me otherwise this morning…

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