When You Realize You Have Moronic Tendencies (Privacy Issues)

i do stupid things.

i can be the first to admit it.
in this instance,
i’ve been doing 3 years of stupid things.
so i been rocking with iphones since the 4.
i could have waited for the 4s,
when suri was introduced,
but i was od ready to leave blackberry with the track sneakers.
once the screens started getting “retina” advanced,
that means they were “easily cracked”,
a screen protector was much needed.
i can be clumsy af and i hate seeing cracked phone screens.
not only would i always put a screen protector on my phone…

it would be a privacy screen protector.
which means it’s tinted so no one can see what you’re looking at.

i’ve had privacy screens on every single phone since.
my last one was cracked so i had to replace it.
when i went to “macrumors” to investigate privacy screens,
i read something along the lines of:

“i’d never put a privacy screen on my phone.
it takes away from the clarity of the screen…”

another comment went like:

“privacy screens take away from the retina display…”

 after reading the rest,
it hit me:

The damn privacy screen was taking away from the beauty of my display

i’d have to turn my phone brightness all the way up to “heaven’s gates”.
even on that,
i wasn’t getting the full effect.
sometimes it’s be a bitch to read in the dark.
i got a clear screen protector from amazon today.
it’s like night and fuckin’ day.
why does it feel like i got a whole new phone?
everything looks so crisp and beautiful.
when i take a picture,
it’s like a whole another experience.
my brightness level is on low and it’s still bright af.
the wolves i post on the ig foxhole look even more delicious.
don’t even get me started on my battery life either.


lowkey: so you mean to tell me i haven’t enjoyed the retina display of my damn phone?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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