Did Safaree Get A HUGE Amount of Alleged Pipe Leakage?

*the entry is explicit content.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

…and it’s literally that much.
so one of my favs,
is back.
he/she/it doesn’t hold out like the other baiters.
it’s release and go with that one.
“i like that” *dj khaled voice*
well he/she/it is allegedly back and safaree is the grand opening.


if that’s all safaree,
i can see why he is out here getting all this pussy.
i’m impressed.
that is a solid gut busta right there.
it looks heavy af too.
i cannot wait to see who’s next from slapmyfatty.
he/she/it gets full foxhole support on his mission of bringing happiness.

lowkey: safaree,
i’d let it all leak out.
you need this pr.
and you’re is gay friendly too?
who woulda thunk safaree would break the internet?

pictures/videos cc: slapmyfatty

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

33 thoughts on “Did Safaree Get A HUGE Amount of Alleged Pipe Leakage?”

  1. It’s so pretty 😢 but seriously I’m sitting here tipsy off wine, warm & tinglin, and this shit got me ready to slide in his DMS and BEGGGG!!!!

      1. hmmm. I always thought he was annoying but he might be tolerable after all….

        This brings another question…if Nicky left him for Meek….what the hell is Meek packing

  2. Safaree is so funny, handsome, sexy, well groomed, sweet, well mannered, well spoken, and evidently well endowed. I’d smash 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. My heart literally jumped out of my chest watching that dick bounce and sway back and forth like that. I always thought dude was corny but now I’m willing to PAY for that zick! That ain’t even a dick, that’s a ZICK!!!

  4. That’s a huge and pretty dick. You think he puts his coconut oil on it?

    Anyways I still wouldn’t fuck him because his personality is annoying but its nice to look at.

  5. OMFG….so the rumors were true. I have to go follow this nigga again. I deleted him from my Instagram. I got to go fix that. DAMN bro. Makes me feel great to be a Jamaican …LOL

    1. What’s up Kwesi? If you live in Brooklyn and got a piece that’s ignorant like Safaree’s maybe we can link 👀👀👀👀👀😬😋

  6. Y’all shameful as hell. Lbvs!!! A big dick is not that hard to find! He still too much personality wise. You know I do wonder why Nicki broke up with though? He got the fire plus he writes and helps you with your music (which has not been good since he left). Makes you wonder…

  7. Always thought Safaree was super sexy and surmised he had that Christmas package—and hope revealed it one day. This shit, right here, got me hot! 🔥

  8. Oh hell to nawll! To the nawl nawl nawl!!! Why is his dick so aggressively big!? Like, it looks rude and mean. No sir! Safaree can keep that disrespectful ass dick; I like the way my intestines are arranged and I’d like to keep em that way

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