The Love Is Real When He Bows Down

you know one thing i absolutely loved while watching “black panther”?
this is a heavy spoiler,
so if you didn’t watch,
go look at safaree’s penis until the next entry.
go on.
now for those who did watch…

the part when w’kabi (daniel kaluuya) bowed down to okoye (danai guria).
added bonus: when the rhino stopped and licked her face.
when he asked her if she’d kill him and she bold face told his ass:


that’s when all the crowd went crazy with applause.
the snow bunnies were all like:

oh God yes!!!!”

…and it made me think of something.
it might be a crazy thought,
but i’ve fonted crazier on here.
in my head,
the reason snow bunnies went crazy:

Snow wolves don’t really respect them like black males do to their vixens

if w’kabi was named “warner”,
and he was white,
that rhino would have ran over her and m’baku.
some white males simply have no respect.
a majority live in a world where they only care about themselves.
“fuck everyone!
this is my world”.
you can see it with how our current president treats his own wife.

black males tend to be more respectful to black vixens they love.
99% will bow to her in a situation like that.
w’kabi respected okoye.
they are prone to cheating,
but they have tremendous respect for who they love.
ironically tho,
i can’t see a black wolf bowing down to a white vixen like that.
even a latina.
he would have to have gone full “coon” and “self hate”.

am i wrong?

lowkey: i believe that once all hell breaks loose,
other races leave black males in the dust.
whether gay or straight,
we hold each other down.
it’s sad some of us take advantage of that tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “The Love Is Real When He Bows Down”

  1. What’s funny is originally she was meant to be gay, they wanted to borrow from the current run of black panther and make her and another Dora Milaje in a relationship but later changed that for reasons. I actually am a little disappointed in that but the way they set her up I am actually glad for it (that rhino scene was actually one of my favorite moments)

  2. I heard several characters were supposed to be gay (including two males) but all the references were taken out. I even heard these shots were filmed already….

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