the image of a social media psychopath

according to wiki:

“Psychopathy is traditionally a personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, dis-inhibited, and egotistical traits”.

most psychopaths are not violent at all.

We might have dated, had a friendship, related, or worked with one before

i know someone whose parent is a full fledged psychopath.
as one of my social worker bffs tells me:

“A socio and a pyschopath are the same thing.”

( x read the differences )
social media
is breeding mini socio and psychopaths.
take this one for instance.
something gotta be wrong with him…

the way that jackal is posing in the camera,
claiming to be “minding his business“,
is downright creepy.
did this asshole call 911?

he GOTTA be a whole demon if this is “okay”.
he’s def one of those examples of “males being trash”.
get him TF outta here —–>

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8 thoughts on “the image of a social media psychopath”

  1. After speaking with the guy I understand why the post was made. No one is at liberty to keep calling the cops if the ole girl keeps returning to their abuser. Then after ole girl returns—make you out to be the bad guy because you attempted to help. He was perfectly within his rights to mind his business, especially when a person ALLOWS the abuse to continue. I’m not getting psychopath vibes especially after getting the background info. I will say social media is creating people who will just jump on a bandwagon without any background information.

  2. I went to his Twitter page and told him something. While I didn’t wish death upon him like everyone else, I did point out his narcissistic ways also tell him about how he thinks he looks cute but is actually hideous because of his personality. He should have at least notified authorities. He is not obligated to risk his life for anyone.

    I did read further where he said that she keeps going back to hee abusive husband which means this is not her first time getting beat.

    This video and some of the comments were disturbing because some people were wishing bad on his family. “I hope it happens to your sister or mama.”

    So they call out someone for something and then turn around and wish something on someone that’s innocent.

    Like are people that dense? They expect karma to pay him back by inflicting suffering on someone else for no reason?

    I also had to get on another dude in the comments with his message of, “If you ever want to know what they mean when they say men are trash, this it.”

    I absolutely detest comments like this. I’m also tired of people saying that men have to risk their lives all the time to be a “real man.” Like dude…this isn’t a gender issue, this is a human one. Both men and women can be trash.

      1. Yeah, I was moved when I heard it but had to keep from stepping out my zone off of a clout post.

        Sadly, domestic abuse is a huge problem with straight and gays. It is true that a person doesn’t have to report something if a crime is being committed.

        My only qualm with him was his posing in the camera like he was something beautiful. The way he posted it was rather weird to me.

        I still don’t think he should have recorded it unless he was providing some of proof of the man.

        The woman probably needs some major counseling. She probably grew up getting beat and told she was nothing.

  3. “impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, dis-inhibited, and egotistical traits”.



    Egotistical thinking they’re God’s gift to humankind. I am noticing them quickly. They may say something nice but it’s just to flatter you. Almost like a hypnotic suggestion to put you in a trance. Then no matter what evil they put you through, you remember “how nice they were at the beginning” and make excuses for their insane behavior. Then when you point it out, they’ll try to turn everyone against you.

    But in the end, Santa knows who is naughty or nice and coal comes in the form of KARMA.

  4. What the hell! What a fucking degenerate piece of shit yeah, I hope something horrible happens to him and the police get a hold of this and put him jail along with the man who was harming his wife. Man if this god actually exists and human beings are a reflection of if it damn it we are in trouble.😨

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