we gotta watch out for manholes and rats (typical day in new yawk)

i had to hit up the pretty vixen with a question today.
i asked her if she smelled anything crazy when we were over by columbus circle.

New Yawk smells awful on a daily basis.”

i mean,
that is true.
i read a story that made me cringe.
it was about someone falling into a manhole,
but the part that made me shriek was the rats that feasted on him

Workers fixing a manhole in Columbus Circle made a blood-curdling discovery Tuesday: the decomposed body of an apparent drunk who stumbled inside and went undiscovered for two weeks, sources said.

Surveillance video showed the man plunging into the open, unattended hole at about 2:30 a.m. on Sept. 30 — and never reemerging.

The man had barged through a series of safety barriers set up by Verizon utility employees who were working underground at West 58th Street and Eighth Avenue, but who had left the hole unattended at the time of the incident.

It was unclear why the workers weren’t watching — but they had no idea he was inside when they finally closed the hole up, sources said.

The crew didn’t return until Tuesday, when they popped up the manhole lid and found the unidentified man’s rotting corpse lying face up on top of some wiring.

Police sources said the man had been partially eaten by rats and was badly decomposed by the time he was discovered.



i hope that poor man died on impact.
i pray he wasn’t laying there being munched on by rats while alive.

the part that disturbed me was these rats with a taste of human flesh.
this is how all horror movies start.

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6 thoughts on “we gotta watch out for manholes and rats (typical day in new yawk)

  1. The reason plant-eaters are plant eaters is because they are not fast enough or equipped enough to chase after and hunt live prey. Plants don’t run. So it’s easier.

    There is video of deer eating meat. Cows eating chickens. Animals will eat anything they can get their mouths on.

  2. Yeah, rats have been known to eat humans. If you have an infestation, they will also attack live babies. Pigs also will eat humans.

    I hear y’all have them rats up there but I wonder if y’all have nutria like we do down here? They are basically rodents the size of dogs, though they only eat plants but are still an evasive species.

      1. Yep. An old farmer died in his den or something and the pigs ate some of him. This was also toted as a method to get rid of bodies. They just toss your body into a pigs den & the pigs eat the evidence.

        Hell, both cats and dogs have been known to eat their owners after the owners have died and can’t feed them.

        A man owned pet monitor lizards (big lizards) and died inside his home. When they discovered his body, they lizards ate most of his face and were extremely aggressive to those trying retrieve it.

        Cockroaches will also feast on dead humans..(I hate them. They will eat anything…)

        And then we have humans that eat each other too..lol

        Seems like extreme hunger will make anything go insane and eat whatever…lol

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