f0xmail: I Had One Night With A Baller Wolf and I’m Hooked! Help!



Soo i went to a baller wolves house last night who i met on a hookup site…Craigslist! Anyway, it was just supposed to be a one night stand NSA or whatever. Let me just say, the moment I pulled in his neighborhood, I was HOOKED! House was laid, did I mention he was FINE as all get out (I love Dreadheads) and had alot of good shit going for himself. We talked. He asked questions. I answered and asked. We fucked…My God that man can eat a MEAN ass! He was a true gentlemen about Everything and I think he genuinely really liked me…(his words/actions). He would not go to sleeep till I made it home at 1am in the morning.
Maybe I’m over reading this,
but I’m Hooked!

How can this be? lol


oh this is a good one!
so one night stands are tricky.
its always someone that would be perfect to date.

i remember when star fox met a baller wolf.
he was this older wolf who wanted to cum for a one night stand.
they met on bgc when that site was legit.
star fox was nervous,
but when he pulled up in this black tinted out navi between 11pm-3am,
the drawz was soaking wet and ready to be taken off.
star fox told me they talked for a bit,
then the wolf banged him like no other,
and went to sleep while still inside him.
they woke up,
lubed up,
banged him into oblivion,
and they both knocked out until morning.
when he was leaving,
the baller wolf wanted to see him again.
even though he said star fox had some good ass,
he really liked his trusting personality.
they met up again to fuck at the baller wolf’s crib couple weeks later.
it never went anywhere after that even with all the “bed side promises”.
needless to say,
he never forgot about the experience of the baller wolf.
he started to date wolves of that caliber and higher soon after.

there are two ways your situation could go:

a) he met you,
got to know you,
saw something within you,
and wants to take it to another level.
even tho you both had sex on the first night,
he can look past that and pursue something further

b) he met you,
asked questions to see where your mind was,
figured you wouldn’t be messy and talk,
fucked you completely senseless,
and was a gentleman afterward because you weren’t some after-thot

that is the main issue with one nighters.
the “i may like this dude” after.
i’ve even had one nighters where i had to ask myself:

“if we met under different circumstances,
would he have liked me enough to want more?”

i’m bowin’ down to you tonight.
you met a baller wolf and experienced that world,
even if it was just for one night.
i can’t tell you if it will work out,
because fuck boys come in pretty packages,
but i will say that be glad you got something others want.
look at it like this…
that environment can change your mind frame a little.
you can also have the house and have “good shit going on” for yourself.
even dating wolves who are on a higher tax bracket.
once you get a taste of some expensive steak,
its really hard to eat a big mac regularly again.
a big mac can be good every now and again tho.
once a year maybe?
 your forest is definitely your oyster.
good luck and keep me updated!

jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “f0xmail: I Had One Night With A Baller Wolf and I’m Hooked! Help!”

  1. I got some good news and I got bad news. The bad news is it probably not going to happen. It was a one night stand only and knowing how men usually are, they don’t want to date a guy who’s to get in bed with. Maybe if you guys were chatting for a long time and being friends n such. Giving him some challenges, hey, go get your man. So forget about it. Now the good news is you had some major awesome sex!!!!

  2. Good points Jamari . A lot of guys always confuse sex with love or let their emotions start telling them how wonderful the man was, how great the sex was so it has to be a treasure find for me.

    My advise to LuckyFox
    Slow down , it was a sex date and good sex too. Consider yourself lucky. Good sex AND good looking wolves are RARE. Use your head here, calm your emotions down and deal with it for what it is. Dont call him, don’t stalk him , let him do the calling, let him do the stalking. Take it one sex at a time if they happen to invite you over again. If it is meant to be, then the 2 of u will get off the medium u both used to meet each other and start your own love nest. But for christ sake fuck with your head, not with your heart. Its 12 o’clock Cinderella. The Fox has your shoe. If he is interested, he will come looking for the wearer.

  3. Good ol Craigslist1

    Quiet as it’s kept, Craigslist is more likely to lead you to a fine dude if you’re looking for a good smash. I know from my wilder days lol. I’ve been to nice lofts and met some really fine dudes through that site.

    I don’t know if it’s still legit though…

  4. All this DL, curious, baller wolf labels are great, however, I believe that just because they give you a good taste of dick or whatever, they are going back to their boo/wife/lover. I just tell them “Tell your wife/boo/lover I said thanks for letting me borrow you.” #Ihadsometoobitch

  5. I have a question for this fox. Are you playing the field? you know seeing other wolves or is this one night stand the first time you’ve been with someone in a long time?

    I’m asking because sometimes being lonely for awhile and then experiencing a one night stand can be a mindfuck. It could be you’re feeling this way because you haven’t met a wolf like him who’s nice and seems to care so you are feeling some kind of way.

    You gave up the buns the first time meeting him so you don’t know for sure if he’s in to you for you or your sex. Ask your self are you feeling him because of his baller status and his nice lifestyle or would you be into him if he was a regular joe. ( just to make sure the riches don’t cloud your judgment)

    You can only really go with your heart since none of us commenting where there that night. Only you know how he made you feel so I say go after him and if nothing more comes from it enjoy the memories and move on to the next.

    1. You made some good points. It appears he was physically and mentally fucked. Never let a good dick down cloud your mind.

  6. All I can say is time will tell how he feels. Don’t read much into it because he smashed on the first night. You ain’t the first bro. Some dudes will give you royal treatment on the first night, then after that you would have thought two of you never met before.

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