Kill These Curious Bastards Dead

blacklisted-article-headermy ban on curious wolves is still in effect.
in fact,
i plan on making it a permanent thing…

there is nothing worse than a wolf,
who acts like he is interested,
but does nothing about the situation.
i get that he may just be scared.
expressing trying to be with the same sex can be awkward.
the problem with these types is while they are jackin’ off to the thought of you,
you are sitting there left feeling like a jack off.

tumblr_nii3ud2rt51t1rvzco1_500 tumblr_nii3ud2rt51t1rvzco2_500 tumblr_nii3ud2rt51t1rvzco4_500 tumblr_nii3ud2rt51t1rvzco3_500everyday you see this wolf,
he gets shiner and shiner.
everything is now enhanced on him.
he can be average as fuck,
but now he is god.
suddenly he enters you mind.
you’re always thinking about him.
listen crushes are terrible and will leave you looking old.
i’m starting to think curious animals are worse than the d/l ones.
at least with the d/l,
they show you that they are interested when they go after you.

giphyso that ( x wolf at my job ),
who we will call “confusion”,
is starting to annoy me.
well confusion been annoyed me,
but today i’m left feeling some kind of way.
he has given his number to wolves and vixens at work.
someone mentioned today how they were texting about some jordans. hasn’t made the effort to text me.
i don’t even know his number.
naw but he wants to smile in my face daily,
find ways to touch me,
and get my attention when i’m not even lookin’ his way.













pineapple get the fuck out of here.
i’m not playing that game in 2015.

i’ve had enough of the curious wolf.
he is simply intrigued by me.
i’m not an emotional jig saw puzzle to be played with.
i have a feelings.
i am lonely.
i like cute wolves.
i don’t want to feel like i have to try and figure shit out.
these assholes come into your life,
act like they are interested,
and will toy with you until they are ready.
are they ever ready?
do they ever make that move?
probably not.

this is the new golden rule for 2015 and beyond.
if a wolf/hyrbid/or fox doesn’t present his interest in a timely matter,
that being upon first meeting or a few days after,
then he is now considered “late” and will be labelled “straight”.
their bad.
this also means he will not make it to your emotions.
if he wants you,
you will not chase him for an answer.
this is not the fuckin’ playground.
we are not playing tag or “hide and go freak”.
we are lonely and looking for a companion.
if he doesn’t want to be your lover,
and isn’t acting like your friend,
then he looks like a huge amount of “goodbye”.
your senses are at an all time high.
some shit might be misunderstood when it comes to sexuality.
i always believe we know who wants us.
its the look in their eyes.
its the smile when they see us.
its the way they always try to touch us.
the come into our personal space.
they make our foxy senses tingle.
its just sometimes those wolves aren’t experienced yet.
they are scared and taking it slow.
super duper slow.
well fear be damned in 2015.
i know he is cute,
and damn his body is right,
but the looming question mark is a huge turn off.
i’m turned off.
now to get this wolf out my emotions when i see him daily.

i haven’t worked those kinks out yet.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “Kill These Curious Bastards Dead”

      1. Okaaayyyy Reverse UNO..Treat him like the Trick he is…. Get real indignant with him & say out loud something to embaress him the next time he touches you ….then slut him out and Neva let him have the diamond

      2. Hey,jamari this story really hit close to home this type situation not only affects gay men st8 women go though this as well plus size women go though the same with good looking st8 men who are plus-size curious but don’t want other people to know they like big women these are cowards these men are not worth your time nor energy their so worried about other people’s opinions it’s pathetic but I’m glad u didn’t fall into that trap and u made it out in one piece.

    1. ^stop talking to him now.
      start cutting him off now.
      we can say we will,
      but every day he gets better looking.
      time to start the process.
      it won’t be easy,
      but we have no time for the bullshit.

  1. Well who says the person he was texting with about the Jordans didn’t text him first? I believe this dude you are referring to is straight, not even curious. As I state time and time again, when a man is interested he will show it. I have learned from my past experiences over the years. Remember the dude I had a crush on at school that I talked about a few years ago? I was trying to figure out what his deal was, and for some reason I was under the impression he wanted me, but now when I think back, I was reading far into it than what is was. Sometimes when you are interested in a person, you will read into anything, maybe even the simplest thing such as a compliment. I don’t do that anymore. I now have a better understanding of how men in the life function, and I read into signs a whole lot better. Foxes are easy to read because they are similar to women. They will stare and will always want to have a conversation with you over anything. Us Wolves are going to be more aggressive. We will make a bold move, especially if we feel as if we are losing your interest. The ones who do not have the courage to approach a dude will eventually find it.

    1. When I tell you readers of the foxhole that this post has hit me so close to home, I cant even tell it. I am dealing with something similar with a supposedly str8 dude and he is playing with my feelings and emotions to the point that I almost wrote an anonymous letter to foxmail for advice the other day, might as well tell the truth and shame the devil. It’s so much more I wanna say but I am a little shame I have let myself get caught up in this bullshit and even more mad at myself that I want let myself break away from it. Seriously cant figure it out, if its just some type of mind fukk or what. I better stop right here while I am ahead.

      1. Well Man I dont know why this came under your comment LoL, but I do agree with what you are saying Bro, have seen this so many times with myself and others.

  2. Amen! I’ve been in the same boat with a few wolves who say suspect shit or do suspect things to me know knowing I’m gay but when u try to take it the next step they fall the fuck back or act crazy confused. Nah nigga you know what you’re doing.

    It gets tiring, especially when you hear stories of how “so and so” is able to pull this fine ass wolves on the low. I think wolves for the most part know their prey and act accordingly.

    You’re right to move on from this pineapple, new year new you. No one has time to play Guess who.

  3. Amen! Walk past like I didn’t you see game too strong. But wait… as soon as you do that its a problem? You get questioned you not fucking with me? What did I do?…… Dont mind fuck me boy. Begone! and Off with your mothafucking head!

  4. Jamari,

    Don’t be mad at this sucka! He just glowing on all the fans he got. Those type of guys I dont give the time of day. Those guys seem to automatically think that cause u gay that you swinging from his nutts like tarzan in the jungle. #girlbye

  5. Maybe he has a sense that you like him and he’s playing with you. He might be straight, but just knowing that people on both teams want him boosts his ego.

  6. OMGEEEE! I’m going through this EXACT same issue with a colleague. One day I tell my BFF that I’m done forever, then this “pineapple” will randomly text me some random text asking a question that was not urgent or important. I can not read this dude. I’m losing interest though… Maybe I’m reading too much into as The Man said, but I like a dude to be S T R A I G H T and not having me think there is a possibility! Like WTF are THEY getting out of playing on that tightrope? #kanyeshrug

  7. Btw jamari do u think if u would have went for it he would have turned it around and made it seem like you were delusional and ultimately humiliated you?

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