Now Approaching… His Crotch

XX-Face-Emojiso something happened today with a wolf.
now i could be wrong!
i’ve been wrong before!
a lot of curious d/l wolves tend to be attracted to me.
i think i may have gotten an obvious sign today.
i’ll tell it and see if i’m reaching

so there is this wolf at my job i crush on.

light skin
working out
deep voice
nice lips
nice ass
hopefully nice pipe

everything is right with him.
he is a walking thirst trap.
he doesn’t work on my floor,
is pretty popular at work.
i have been feeling “something” about him.
my foxi senses “ding”,
but i figured i just wanted to ride that dack.
when we speak,
the way he looks in my eyes…

giphyinstant moisture.
now because i have banned any wolves who are “question marks”,
i have been keeping it real light with him.
trying to ignore any signs because that’s the trap.
i’ve fallen in it many times.
i want a wolf who is going to come get this good stuff.
no wondering.
no deciphering.
he wants me and he makes it known by being a aggressive.
well i gave this wolf my number on the sly.
we were talking about clothes or something.
i made up the excuse that i needed help with finding sneakers.
he took it,
but he never texted me.
i was kicking myself because i was low key embarrassed.
plus i thought i was wrong.
he would say he would text me whenever i saw him.
never did.
9+rolling+his+eyesi was over it.

okay back to the story…

so i was in the lounge talking with thing 2 and some others.
i was standing,
but leaning,
behind thing 2’s chair.
there was a little space and the wall was behind me.
one of the mailroom wolves was standing next to me.
when he walked in,
everyone started greeting him and whats not.
he came over in my direction,
walked behind me,
and i kid you not…
as he was passing by,
i felt his crotch slide on my ass.

didn’t react.
i stayed in the same position.
no one noticed since everyone was in various convo.
he went over to the fridge and when he was coming back,
he repeated the “crotch on my ass” trick.

this time not as obvious.
he gave the mailroom wolf next to me dap and left.

i kid you not.
again i could be wrong,
but that lump didn’t feel wrong.
well listen…
this ass will be wet and juicy just for him.
all he needs is to let me know when.
ugh i’m horny.

lowkey: the reason i maybe skeptical is he didn’t text me.
why play this game if he didn’t reach out?
i’m confused…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “Now Approaching… His Crotch”

  1. Hey J, is he married or involved u think? Obviously he wants to think he’s still got “it” and have you thinking of ravishing him madly. The dick move says “I would fuck you and I’m a freak.” Next time u see him, stare hungrily at his crotch and walk off without making eye contact.

    1. ^lol
      he is not married or involved.
      he always tries to come off like he is single when talking to me.

      i don’t want to assume anything and be wrong tho,
      but that crotch move was a little bold.
      my thing is why not text me?
      isn’t that backwards?

  2. Damn crotch to the ass? That’s hot. If he does it the third time, maybe in the elevator, then that is the sign.

  3. he’s into you these str8 but curious wolves play these games all the time…i had a guy friend of mine always touch me when he was cracking a joke or something…he just had to always touch me…and he swore out he was str8 until he started asking about my sex life all the time and when i borrowed his laptop one time i went to go online and his history was still u and i snooped he had a few gay porns he watched…one with two guys fucking the hell out of a tranny, the other with two thugged out guys and one with a orgy…so idk but she’s beatiful no one can’t say she’s not…i like her over Kim K anyday #PHILLYSTANDUP

  4. I’m not sure. I have a lot of things happen to me, but never anything like that, thank God lol. However, keep in mind that he did not text you back that time. If one of us Wolves wants a Fox, we ain’t gonna waste time. I would have helped you shoe shopped and everything else.

  5. He wants it. Everybody knows that when you have to move past another man you’re supposed to turn your butt toward him just in case you do end up touching. That’s an unwritten guy code. And he did it not once but twice! He wants to get up in that ass. Sign up for adam4adam or one of those many gay websites/apps and look up men that fit his description. You’ll probably see him on their looking for a late 20’s medium toned fox with a swimmer’s build.

  6. Ooo Jamari I would’ve backed it up a lil more when he was passing back 😀 you might have known for sure lol

  7. I’ve had that happen to me twice…but I never acted on it because all I kept hearing in my mind is “it’s a setup”! LOL

  8. Ugh don’t you hate it when straight Wolves do this game. It’s confusing as fuck. I say the very next time you see him you ask him about something he would know about. Don’t do it in front of anyone just when its you and him. Bring up the shoe thing again and playfully bring up he doesn’t text back so he gets the hint.

  9. Laawd dem damn bi curious wolves and they bullshit. If u felt his dick like that he damn sho felt yo ass just as much. If it was a mistake he woulda made sure not to do it a second time. Dem wolves do shit thats ambiguous to get u to make the first move without concretely putting themselves out there. They like to be able to deny shit if it goes wrong or if they change their mind. He probably hasnt texted because he wants u to break the ice. They do that so they can put it on u.

  10. “now because i have banned any wolves who are “question marks”,
    i have been keeping it real light with him.
    trying to ignore any signs because that’s the trap.
    i’ve fallen in it many times.
    i want a wolf who is going to come get this good stuff.
    no wondering.
    no deciphering.
    he wants me and he makes it known by being a aggressive.”

    Don’t second-guess yourself.

    If he really wants it, he will eventually come after it in an unmistakeable way, until then, pay him no mind and let him be the one wondering. Then, if he is interested, he’ll have no choice but to man up and escalate his game.

    There are plenty of others out there in the meantime…

  11. Lol. I do things like that. Especially if I think you get down. But the best way to it is to just be cool. Be affable. Don’t flirt. That way he’ll gain some trust that you won’t out him. And you protect yourself in case it is a “set up” or you read it wrong. Either way, you’ll end up with either a friend or a boyfriend.

  12. Sorry Jamari, but this is real ambiguous.

    I’ve probably done this a thousand times to men and women and little old ladies.

    Maybe I have some 60 year old lady wondering if I’m trying to knock the dust of her. Lol

    I’m not discounting that it could’ve been intentional and let’s assume it was for a second. That means he clocked you already and thinks things out very well and the fact he’d rather do all that than just text you is stupid to me lol. Plus it’s kind of manipulative and sneaky. I know dudes like that and they take pleasure in fucking with people.

    At least flirt over the phone some before you put your dick on his ass so it could’ve been hotter.

    Like I said it could’ve been an accident.

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