tremaine gives us “print leakage” with a side of new music? (how dat sound?)

so tremaine is about to come hard.
that sounds very promising.
seriously tho,
new music seems to be in the forecast.
you know i enjoyed tf out of his last album,
i have this thing for concept albums.
see: marina and the diamonds, “electra heart”.
well when tremaine starts to work out heavy

you know an era is on the way.
this recent work out video with the crotch action tho…
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Is Your Hand Up That Vixen’s “Pannies”, Trey Songz?

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 7.52.23 PMtrey.
was your hand in this young vixen’s crotch?
it sure looked like it.
why i’m asking?
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Now Approaching… His Crotch

XX-Face-Emojiso something happened today with a wolf.
now i could be wrong!
i’ve been wrong before!
a lot of curious d/l wolves tend to be attracted to me.
i think i may have gotten an obvious sign today.
i’ll tell it and see if i’m reaching
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My Foxhole Nearly Went Up For Justin Bieber

tumblr_inline_nhvcjo14EX1s7f4gwokay i don’t know what voodoo
or hoodooo
or whatever justin bieber is doing…
but i think i’m for it.
i said “think”.
yes i am saying this.
so justin bieber is trying to make every one of his stans burst in orgasmic bliss.
he is now the 2015 spokesperson for calvin klein (#mycalvins) jeans.
not to mention drawz.
just look at what god (or an graphic design artist) did to him…
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Up Close In Trey Songz Crotch

tumblr_n2gvorw6nQ1reqhbzo2_250even tho trey songz can be a dumb ass,
i wouldn’t kick him out of bed.
i especially wouldn’t be mad if he and his big penis was this close to me…
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Ciara Has Future By The Balls

ciara-overdosespeaking of future,
this is ciara’s single cover for ( x overdose ).
why did i think those were man hands grabbing his crotch?
at least she trying to sell this album
i like this track tho.